If Wall-e/Bumblee were a spartan


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Well the next suit from the ssg labs is my wall-e/bumblebee inspired hazmat suit. Should have some of it done in time to take it to c2e2 this year thanks to SSGLordBert. Eventually it'll be updated and upgraded to fit the inspiration.


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Sir you have ONE MONTH how on earth do you plan on finishing this in time?!?!?
Well technically 5 weeks haha and Bert and I were talking and more then likely he'll only be able to get the chest and helmet done but we will see lol I also plan on making some of it from foam for c2
I'm in the same boat. Literally just had to restart a print that failed 1/3 days in lol
Damn that sucks yeah ssg labs printers are in con crunch were trying to get 3 suits done in time just wish they knew how to print faster for the cons haha

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