If you could cure that resin in like an hour

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So, you wanna cure resin quick?
I do it in my basement!!! In my fire escape
set the piece out

allow ventilation

and use a blow-dryer

Chief and Co. like my friends, are always there for support^

this hand piece resined on both sides was dry after 10 min outside in the cold and 15min of this
glass dried in a little less than a half hour (there was ALOT of resin) make sure its well vented tho, I have another fan outside just blowin up twards the outside, and a sheet hung over the opening so fumes dont get in,

with cold weather season ahead this is perfect
well thats why i use a blow dryer not a heat gun, it just simulates a warm day with a nice wind, in november-february when it may be too cold for resin and glass to cure, Im not using full heat, I dont know why it dries so fast but it doesSPOILER
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If I could do this anyday in any weather/temp I would do it, I'd make action figure molds and everything out of resin, a cheap plastic which has many uses, I think in the hot temp resin will dry quicker and there will be less fumes, I noticed on cloudy days the resin sitting in my garage though dry, smelled bad, then resined pieces I put in my garage on a sunny day, the next day, no fumes.
Yeah, I did this for my resin a couple of weeks ago when a cold front blew in. I did it in a closed garage, so the fumes stuck around. I really don't mind though because I like them. :rolleyes Reminds me of a boat shop. Then again, I have a thing for liking toxic fumes...
Thats what I did. For some peices I would add like 3 coats in one night. I was under the gun to finish before halloween.
This is amazingly useful. I want to get my helmet done by Christmas, and living in Oregon, where it rains, this is fantastic! I thought of a blow dryer, but thought the heat might kill my helmet. If people are scared of using the heat setting, they could alternate it with the cold setting too. Hair dryers have that.
I used a heat gun in the cold weather of Seattle to finish my Armor. The trick is to keep the gun moving and not let it settle in one spot... Works like a charm.. It got so cold out, I also used the heat gun to warm myself up.. :lol:
wal mart just started selling additional hardener. before all i could get was the little tube that came with the can of resin. now i buy an extra and just blast copious amounts of hardener on my paper plate of resin. maybe extra hardener in combination hair dryer, you could cure a coat all the way in minutes!
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