Im giving you a challenge

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Pistol Master

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I want people to make the force edge from Devil may cry and Devil may Cry 3 and I want to see the templates if on pepakura (so I can make it my self and how you made it. This isn't a conteast, its just a challenge.
yea frizzle fry has done more than enough. you know its not like he just pulled the templates out of his that possible?
Sure. Frizzle is the pepakura man.
just enough :drink: and it'll all come out! :p
I was taken out of context I think. lol

I didn't mean that I would have to do the work. I was sarcasticly speaking for him. Aka: I don't think anyone is going to do the hard work for him so that he can just come in and have it easy.

You call it a challenge, I call it being too lazy to do it yourself. But I am kind of a jerk.
Friz, being a lazy a$$hole my self,

your correc;t its not a challenge, its you do hard stuff first and ill your ride coat tails.
Ok, i have a challenge for you Pistol Master. You do it. Then it'll be tough.

Its a little rude "challenging" people rather than asking them kindly if they "have any free time could you maybe tell me how to/ make this for me?"

And theres probably some Irony that I was sorta rude to him.
alright Ill try and try to post images to show and sorry I sounded like a lazy ass but I dont have pepakura and theres not enough space to download itso I just wanted to make know what screw what i was saying Ill just try and then post pics and well sry like I said.
wow guys you kinda tore him appart. I know he could have explained his situation a little better, but i recall seeing a couple other threads that where basicaly the same they are just titled project requests. this site is all about helping each other, im not saying that one person should do all the work, but i kinda feel like this was like a slap in the face to a fellow member, and unless he has a history of rudly demanding things from people, i think you should have all not jumped to such harsh conclusions. I am glad to see that he just didn't decide to give up on the project because of how you all acted toward it.

Pistol master - Good luck on your project, if pepreka or whatever it's called doesn't work out for you, you should look around the forums and see if there is a different aproach to building that may be more suitable for your needs. most people here are willing to lend advise as long as you ask politley.
allright I didnt take pics and I think its about 45% done and I accept any apologies and I apologies as well I was just being a lazy ass
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