Im going to start my armor finally.

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Keep us posted on how that works. I was thinking of doing that also and then laying fiberglass cloth over top with resin, just to see if the mold would hold.

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WanderingRon1n said:
im going to hotglue the joints on the inside so they are even stonger and just get rid of the tape all together

Actually your far better off when using paper to use good old elmers, its less messy and soaks in really well making a good bond. Also, if you trace the seams with elmers it will make the overall structure far stronger for when you apply the resin.

Your looking to be on to a great start! It looks good!

What scale did you print your shoulder out at? Im 6' 2" tall, and 180+ pounds with a 44" chest. Im just trying to gauge the printer settings to minimize waste when I can get it printed.


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im like 170 with about 44' chest.
i did not change the scale.
but i think i might redo it.
so what you are saying is to not make it out of cardboard and to use that rubber stuff on it and then fiberglass that?

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I was saying dont use hot glue, its very globby and messy. Whereas good old elmers soaks in and makes good bond, with little or no mess. And no big globs to worry about.

One or two layers of fiberglass cloth should be enough if your making armor just to wear, but if your planning on any paint ball, or rough housing Id triple that estimate.

Once you have the layers of cloth added, make sure you add several coats of plain resin to the outside, this will be your painable surface, and if thick enough you can carve the mold lines and other details into it. If your really inspired you could add pigment to is, and make it whats called a gel coat. Then no painting is required at all if you have a decent enough surface.

Or you could fill the insides with spray foam and build a vac forming table and build many sets of armor, to sell trade, or just have. :dee:

Im looking for something I can reuse, kinda like sintra (for sale sign matl) so i can remake the items at will, and keep the mold handy. Ive seen waxed posterboard, but not sure if the resin would still soak in.

I know from doing my fett helmet out of paper that the paper and carboard used to make it are now permanently a part of it forever. LOL


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the only prob that i havwe with hot glue is when yuo arent paying attention and *sizzle *sizzle you get burned


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im used to hot glue getting on me. but i guess it is messy after i apply it though i take a Popsicle stick and smooth it around so its flat to the surface and not bumpy.


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all the shiny stuff it hot glue. i got carried away and i was tired of trying to make it nice and pretty.

now that thats finished i think the order i will do it it.
1. Chest
2. Waist
3. Thighs
4. right bicep
5. forearms + hands
6. Shins
7. Feet.
8. Fiberglassing and detailing.

I hope to have this all done in the next 3 weeks so after i graduate i can have my dad and my friend help me fiberglass this all and then i can start the detailing. I want my armor to be finished by July 2nd so i can go to the transformers premiere in it. i thought it would be fun.

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Very nice!!!

Im looking to try and extract those scaled black sections on the MC suit (inner thigh, stomach and back) as well. Im not sure what I'll make them out of, but I think they should be some sort of semi-glossed plastic.

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Looking great Ronin. I'm amazed at all the Pepakure stuff that people are making here.

I guess I'll have to try that out too!


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it works pretty well. but the real question it how is your tutorial coming? even though I am using this it doesn't mean your tutorials useless. I am kinda using this to make one to kinda get my bearings. and then ill me a "custom" suit of Mjolnir.

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Looks amazing dude
dont worry about overdoing stuff
i just added like almost a 2inch thick layer of bondo to connect my chest/back :D haha see it break now!
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