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im 14 and for a while now i've been wondering how to make my own mjolnir suit. can any 1 help me, make a step by step tutorial, or give me some pointers.

what is a good reinforcer on the pepakura helmet and does it go on the inside or out side? What is the type of paper to print it out on?
Your best bet is to yes 110lbs rated Card Stock paper. Then after you print that out and assemble it, you need to put a coat of resin on the outside, then fiberglass and more resin to harden it up.
ok i will give you some pointers if you want a good suit and fast use pepakura and coat it with fiberglass resin its pretty durable

if you would like to take your time and make a more accurate version i would suggest you use clay and make molds
oh and if you use pepakura never ever use copydex it ruins the paper and rips it even if its fiberglassed(smilie20)
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