In prep for halo 3

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Sarge Christi

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In preparation for Halo 3, I have decided to turn myself into a convenant Elite.


I decided to start with my hands.
Pretty neat huh?

This is only for fun, guys. It's just a joke.
You're going to have a tough time using your controller. Or maybe not, you have two thumbs. You could play with it upside down!
Glad someone noticed I used photobooth. yeah, I got bored at school and went down to my art class and took this.

And yeah, elites, FTW!!!

Darth, you're just jealous cause you wish you had my extreme fingers. That's why you get no hugs, cause you're smelly.
LOL. Just kidding.
aaah Sarge Christi is the daughter of miranda keyes and arbiter.

Although I know it's not real, i still think its creepy
Gah :ninja:

Whats wrong with your hand :p ?

Oh, wait, its a joke...

Pretty funny Christi :lol: .

PS, Your sig rocks (y) !

Argh! Macs! *hiss sputter fthptbht! bloorghmorgorghooog!*

Right... Now that that's over... Yeah, that was pretty funny Christi, made me chuckle. And yes, Elites Eff Tea Double-you indeed.

Nothing against Mac owners, I just have issues with my Mac... (11 PC games that I can't play now o_O)
Sarge Christi said:
i was thinking of photoshopping an xbox 360 controller into my two thumbed hand...

Do that with the caption "Real Ultimate Power!"
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Sarge Christi said:
caption anyone?

We come in something that resembles peace.

Who needs Online Co-op? I got my identical, conjoined hand twin.
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WOW!!!! i did not know people was that crazy over halo, To just up and become an elite wow

I thought it was max at knowing every thing from the map's to the were att eh guy are

But this.....

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