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Gotta check out this post..

look at the in-game screenshot too.. (click on it for full size)..
The surface of the armor is Orangepeel coated.. for vacuum formers, that means if you overcook your plastic, using haircell on the INSIDE surface, it'll look like that naturally. For casters, think in terms of throwing a bit of dirt on the original positive model.

I just can't tell if that's an unusual lighting effect, or if that's going to be what you see all the time.. even the Masterchief at the top of our page here has that same bumpy suirface.. it's just not as noticable.
reminds me of a spray on bed liner texture.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


I think my heart just stopped.

EDIT: The Master Chief model is coming along quite nicely, as well. I always loved how it looked all "bumpy", something about it just made it look like theis 2 inch thisk plate of solid very rough and rugged iron/steel/titanium. It makes it look indestructible. I <3 it.
They are supposed to release the Multiplayer Beta around Febuary. And the first 60 second Halo 3 commercial will air on December the 4th during a Monday Night Football game and can also be downloaded on the Xbox 360, plus Halo 2 will get new maps that can only be downloaded onto the 360, I'm so happy that I've got a 360. :D

Oh and btw if you don't like all my comments and think I'm getting post happy, just live with it, its a forum, does it really matter how many someone posts? I think not.
I'm sorry if I have bugged anyone with the high amount of posts on this site and if any messages have any form of hostility in them, I have been dealing with alot of pressure in the past month for one reason, and that reason is my 17 year old cousin died in a car crash in October and have needed something to help me with the stress, and I found this site, a halo armor dedicated site, even though finding this site has helped relieve some of the stress, one thing I know will never heal is the fact that I haven't talked to my cousin since my brithday party on January the 7th, and we only said hey, that is something I will forever regret, so I am sorry Deadguy if I am a little post happy, its just helping me settle things out. And the first armor I do make will be dedicated in my cousin memory. And please don't think I'm just saying this to get pity cause I honestly am not, I just wanted to make it clear why I have gotten somewhat "post happy".
Zeke no that was my bad. Deadguys post wasn't directed at you, we recently had another member go on a posting spree and spammed the forums. One of his absolute junk posts was to just quote what deadguy said without further comment. I must have deleted this one while deadguy was replying, or i just missed the following post. I had to deal with over 20 junk posts, and by deleting this one the context of what dead guy said was lost.

I'm really sorry for the confusion, you are an extremely valuable and welcome member of the forum.

With regards to your cousin, i deeply feel for you loss. My cousin too was killed in a car accident, and what made it especially difficult was that he was a big brother to me growing up. This happened 5 years ago and it honestly forever changed me. It was a tough part of life for me and my family to navigate through, as i am sure it will be for you and your kin. My prayers are iwth you and your family.

Sorry Zeke, yeah my post wasn't towards you. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin though.

Your posts are fine, keep it up! :)
Oh ok, sorry about my message, guess I misunderstood it and thanks. My mom and aunt told me that me and my cousin were so alike, when we would say mom at like thanksgiving, both my mom and aunt would look cause the way we would say mom sounded so alike.
I Know it was bungies intention to pick that backdrop but it makes me mad cause i cant guess it, unless some where alogn the line you hit the sewers. Any one else got a guess?
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