Installing a fan into a Paintball helmet/mask

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Yesturday when i went paintbailling i did a game of woodsball with some of my friends and other people there at the field. When the game started me and my budies decided to try and flank the opposing team through some brush. After abit i was told to stay hidden underneath a misquite tree and cover there backs. As i waited there in the shade i saw my friends go off and eventually disapear in the brush. I looked back and after deciding that no one was going to sneek up on us i went in the direction that my friends had gone. After a few minutes i begin to feel the effects of heat stroke. I then decided to head off to the drop zone where we started and eventually regroup after the game. 5 minutes later i here the ref yelling that the game is over. It took me another 5 minutes to get back. After all that i was dizzy and nauseous and sat down underneath a tree in what seemed like a nature made recliner and sat out the next game. As i sat there with my mask off and my gun on my lap i began to think:

Would it be possible to install a fan or two into a paintball mask/helmet like you would for a prop helmet? And if so where would i be able to find these fans at? :confused


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I have to wonder how much it can help to have a fan inside your helmet. It might make you more comfortable, but will not offset the effects of heat exhaustion. Personally, I think your money may be better spent on a hydration system, be it a pouch with a hose, or a full on hydration backpack. (I don't know how well the latter would work in terms of paintball; it might keep you from feeling back shots) The most important part of staving off heat exhaustion (and stroke) is staying properly hydrated, not having a CPU case fan blow on your sweating, dying face.

That said, fans saved my life, metaphorically, when I wore my ODST armor. It's a sauna under these helmets, as I'm sure you well know, and they can prevent visor fog, and keep your face comfortable. (But not reduce your dehydration rate)
It all depends on the mask you get. The one I have is made to have a fan if you want to put one in it. The fan I have in it is designed for the mask and fits right inside without effecting the safety or design of the mask. Paintball fans can be used as a way to cool off but are actually mainly for defogging your visor. So if you plan on adding a fan to a paintball mask it better be one that can fit inside without effecting the safety of the mask and won't cause a additional risk of the fan itself hurting you.

I also agree that keeping hydrated is the best method of helping to not get a heat injury. Drink plenty of water and also sports drinks to stay hydrated and to have those electrolytes that you need. They sell at most paintball stores hydration systems and at any good sporting goods store. It's a really good idea for woods ball because of how long you are out and with the heavy brush and clothing that is heavy and doesn't breath.


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Staying hydrated is the key.

I have a hydration pack built into my pod pack/ vest. They also make small hydration packs, which I have used for long scenario games.


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Thanks guys, i think it would be better to invest on a hydration system then try and install fans in to the mask to keep cool, it may be a better idea for prop helmets.

why cant you use the search bar? its there for a reason.

The search bar is my best friend and i know there are threads about fans inside COSTUME helmets, what i wanted to know was people's opinions on installing fans into a piece of SPORTS equipement (paintball masks/helmets) that well be used in hot conditions and whether it will be helpfull or not.


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Been playing Pb for ages

All great advice from the others

Stay hydrated, invest in a high quality mask like the Vforce grill or Angel eyes they have plenty of venting and fog proof lenses you could even get the photochromatic lense that darken in bright sun light, this helped me out in all the tourneys I've been in

Also invest in some under armor heat gear, it'll wick off sweat and retain it keeping ya cool, also don't be a pack mule and toss on heavy gear like vests and stuff heavy materials that don't breath are a no no

Nutrion and exercise too, paintball, especially tourneys/big scenarios are essentially endurance trails

Gear is also a big part, just lay it out and think... How much does your gun setup weigh

Your clothes, marker, hopper(full), nitro tank, pods and pod pack, mask then you want to wear a Tac vest or ghillie suit on top of that....he'll who wouldn't pass as a SpartanII wearing a ton of armor and gear

Have fun out there and be safe
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