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    Hi! I'm new to the forum, but I am really looking forward to building my armor.
    I will try to follow your build posts, but if I had any questions, would you be willing to answer them?

    Hey, I've been thinking about the things we do here on the 405th, and the way we do them, in reference to new members, and I thought about how so many of the senior members on here always direct the noobs to the stickies, and there's a lot of stickies, and if they aren't careful, the noobs will become confused and lost, like I did when I first joined the 405th. I'm guessing this is why you made your introduction guide, so that they could get good information, and learn quicker.
    So I wanted to say that ever since I found your guide, whenever a noob posts a "how do I do/make _____" I have linked them to your guide. And also, I am still a noob in respect to some things here on the 405th like 3d modeling and molding/ casting, etc., there is really a broad spectrum of ways to make armor or something of that sort, but even though I'm learning, and have most of the pepakura process learned, I still found some very helpful information(and price slashes, I was about to buy a $20 visor), so I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending countless hours in compiling that guide, I really believe that Adam should put it on the homepage, like a getting started tab or something like that. anyway, thank you.
    Hiya buddy. I realize that you just completed a suit but do you have any plans yet for your second one? Or are you just going to stick with your one suit?
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Recent Master's grad, searching for a job, building armor to pass the time.
February 22
Washington DC