Installing Visor

Ive looked around this whole forum and i just cant find out how to install the visor. What do i use to attach it to the helimet. Is is hot glue? Does the visor go on the inside of the helmet. Please give different ways to get the visor on the helmet.



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Dont cut the visor at all, unless your going the fancy design, but the edges, dont cut those, put the visor inside the helmet, then hot glue it in.


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Hout glue, then reinforce with lots of duct tape! Cocking fluid from cockguns also may work, but that may be expensive and takes time to dry, hot glue would dry in 30 seconds and be ready for anything.


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I just laughed out loud at work. :lol:

Almost got in trouble (._.)* like all those guilty bastards that play bejeweled rofl.



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I have one of those vega helmets and I took the visor off to see how it would fit and its too big for my helmet. What else can I use or would I just have to cut it to make it fit?


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I cant believe youd get in trouble for laughing. We're always laughing...but then again, we work in a machine shop.


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Vexona said:
Yea I do web design in a cubicle and it stays pretty quiet. They'd know I was forum trolling! lol

well at least everybody now the proper spell of caulk gun!
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AoBfrost said:
Cocking fluid from cockguns



ha you said "that word" (don't want to get banned XD) but like he said, use something like a caulk gun. I haven't tried it yet, but hey, it's Sean Bradley. Trust him
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