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Hello everyone!

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Use this thread to introduce yourselves and get to know your fellow members. Here's some suggested info. Feel free to put as much or as little as you like.

  • Name: Put what your preferred name is here, whether it's a real name or a moniker.
  • Location: Give a general geographic region to help find others near you!
  • Building since: When did you start building?
  • About me: Tell us a little about yourself. Twitter profile or autobiography.
  • Favorite Cons: What cons are we likely to see you at?
  • Costumes/Props: Share some of your work, completed or inprogress. :)


  • Name: Dani
  • Location: Fremont, CA
  • Building since: 2009
  • About me: I started building costumes in 2009 after coming home from a military deployment and thinking "I've been playing a lot of video games...I should make something, but I still love games" and deciding to whip something up for Anime Expo 2009. I've been building on and off since then, between school, the military, and other major life events.

    I bought a suit off Adam Grumbo once, and it helped land me a spot on "The Guild" alongside Felicia Day. Since then, I've tossed away my expensive political science degree to pursue a career in film, something I'm working on to this day. I've contributed to several halo fan works, notably "The Fallen: A Halo Fan Film", a parody of "Glad You Came" featuring a dancing master chief, and a music video with LindseyStirling (thanks to Timecon for that last great opportunity)

    I also pushed the creation of the Pacific Regiment with the help of many other amazing members. It started off as a forum thread, moved off to facebook, and I'm eager to see it return back to its rightful home on
  • Favorite Cons: Fanimecon is my big local con, but gaminc cons are my favorite. I try and always make San Diego Comic Con and Penny Arcade Expo Prime. Rooster Teeth Expo is also a favorite, and though I missed this year, I hope to make it out that way again soon. You can also find me at some smaller cons like Anime LA and Sacanime.
  • Costumes/Props:

    2009 to 2010


    So you can see my face =P

    Couple other suits you might have seen me in. The blue one is from Blue Realm Studios.

    And lastly, my greatest contribution to the Halo community:


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Name: Ken AKA FIreryne (firerain is how its said)
Location: Outside Seattle in Washington
Building since: think i have been at this now for 2-3 years, but life got in the way (school, and a child)
About me: Awesomesauce. No really been gaming for 20+ years, and for Halloween a few years ago i wanted to be Master Chief (Halo: Book Series) and wow costumes are way to expensive for my budget. So Decided to build my own and found the 405th.
Favorite Cons: If i can get my suit done then things in the Seattle Area.
Costumes/Props: MK VI helmets ( i have one that is fully pep'ed out but to small) also can click my signature for my MK VI WIP


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hey guys, so here goes

Name: Benjamin Fields
Location: bay area
time building: I started building in august of last year, and so far I am not going to stop :)
About:I am currently in high school, attending Lick Wilmerding high school(for those of you in SF) and I love making. I am trying to get my prop building off the ground with Praecursor props, working out of my basement. I have not gone to any cons so far, but plan to in the future when I have finished my suit, have some items for sale, and the ability to get there.

I am currently working on a h4(5?) master chief build and am in the process of making a high detail undersuit.

I cant wait to work with you guys and share our knowledge of the halo universe, and armor and prop making.



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Name: Hey all, my name is PJ Reindel
Location: I live in Yucca Valley Ca., near the 29 Palms Marine Base.
Building since: I started Halo costuming in December of 2012. I started in Star Wars Mandalorian costuming back in 2007. I was the Personnel Officer for the Mando Mercs until Fall of 2012 when I hung up my Mando in favor of Mjoliner.
About me: I am (almost) 38 years old, married father of 5. I was a Police Officer for 8 years (the last 5 as K9) and currently work at the local college where I live in Student Services. I am also the owner of Head Shot Props.
Favorite Cons: Due to alot of stuff keeping me busy in real life the last convention I attended was WonderCon 2013. Since then I have done a couple of local Halloween events and Relay for Life events.
Costumes/Props: My current costume is Fred 105 in the CE style Mark V armor with the Reach Commando helmet as seen in the Halo Fall of Reach comic books. I am slowly putting together a Fred 104 from "The Package" using some of my own work and some help from friends.

Here is my Fred Fall of Reach:

And the finished helmet for my Fred The Package:


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Name: CM2 (SW/EXW) Joseph "Roadie" Eshenroder
Location: NAVSTA San Diego

Time building: I Joined the forums Jan 14'... Did alot of reading and research while on mission in Africa... and have been building since May 14'

About: I'm honestly not into the whole Halo Universe... I'm a lover of reverse engineering. I love to see sci-fi concepts become reality. I have been building since I was a toddler. Mom and Dad started me on Duplo and I have strived to create ever since. My Mjolnir armor is going to be a test-bed for some tech I have been working on. It is also going to be the most terrifying halo costume ever conceived.
Right now the Concept is called "Bone Collector" as I havent come up with a better name for it.
Halo 4 Bone Collector Build
I also plan on using it to launch some original Spartan Equipment, like my Spartan Revolver (formerly referred to as the 11mm Magnum), and A new series of spin-off MA-5's based on the current generation of military weapons. Whether 343i accepts these, I don't care, for me its an excercise in developing my skills as a maker.

About me personally: I'm a Missouri Redneck. San Diego has been my duty station for a while now and will be til at least 2016. I got to attend the Con in 2012 and it really blew me away. I've never seen anything like it before... and it opened my eyes to the 405th and what our Elite members are capable of producing. Unfortunately I wont get home from this deployment in time for Con 14, but I look forward to seeing everyone elses photos. Bones isn't far enough along to be worn this year anyways.

I am currently pursuing a girl (deep breath) so I don't know how much she is going to keep me away from the work bench and dangerous chemicals, but my goal is to have Bones done by Christmas and my GMSN's Hayabusa Samurai completed by March 15'


  • Name: Lyle Kimble
  • Location: Moreno Valley, CA, just down the road from PJ actually.
  • Building since: Late 2009
  • About me: Self-employed bread guy by day, masked avenger by night!
  • Favorite Cons: Wondercon and Phoenix Comic Con
  • Costumes/Props:



Name: Dylan
Location: Moreno Valley, California
Building Since: 2012
About me: I'm 17, I'm a senior at Canyon Springs High School, I'm a gamer if anyone ever wants to play just send me a friend request my gamertag is FlusherCape26.
Favorite Cons: planning on going two Comikaze, Long Beach Comic Con, WonderCon, and maybe Anime Expo LA
Costumes/Props: I've been working on my ODST for a while now

Joey LoneDragon

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Name: Joey Fredrick or you can call me LoneDragon, the nickname has stuck for years now :)
Location: Escondido California 92027 (North SanDiego County)
Building since: I finished my first suit at the release of Halo: ODST if i remember correctly, not sure what the date was
About me: Im a big halo fan, i loooove building things and taking things apart. Im 6foot-3inches tall and a male. Im quiet when you first meet me until you spark a conversation with me on something we both like :D Aaaaaaand i build 1-1 scale working models (non firing) of random firearms both in real life and in game out of legos. Normally very detailed :) aaaand my hearts taken <3
Favorite Cons: Havnt been to one yet because i havnt had a stable enough job :'( Hope to go to one soon!!!
Costumes/Props: umm, i have a halo reach sniper/pistol that still need minor detailing, a full foam suit (damaged) and a peped helmet with resin and 2part plastic poured in for strength.


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Hello all!!! My name is Matt and I've been doing Halo cosplay for two years now I guess... My next suit will be a foam Carter and production will begin very soon!!!


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Name: FC2 (SW) Xavier "Guns" Christopher
Location: Murrieta, CA Perfect location for being able to attend conventions in LA and SD!
Building since: Last year, around March, but that MK VI was a total loss. I totally rushed through it and wasted materials. I am in the planning stages of a Spartan 4 foam suit. Tips would be appreciated!
About me: I'm a total nerd through-and-through. No one will notice that about me at first sight though. Seeing how I'm 6' 4'', athletic build and almost 230 lbs, perfect body type for a Spartan lol! I love the Halo video game and book series and can still tell you about the first day I played Halo 2 at a friends house. I'm also a self proclaimed otaku, except I have actual social skills. Anime, manga, I watch and read em all. Like axmaxwell up in the previous post, I'm a Navy guy, not gonna go into detail about my job, but I will say, I make the big guns sing!
Favorite Cons: Comic-Con and Anime Expo, both are super fun when I went to both last year. I'd like to go to Wonder-Con this upcoming year if at all possible!
Costumes/Props: Nothing to show at the moment, my foam Spartan 4 is still in the prep stage. I do have a Recon helmet waiting for a visor and paint though!


Name: Adam V. Shuttleworth
Location: Poway, Ca: Great location for SDCC
Building since: 2010 with my first Hayabusa Helmet with my mandalorian kit bash I still have the kit bash armor but with my MK2 H3 Hayabusa with lights and a gold tint visor. Tips and tricks always help.
About me: I am 20 years old, I have type 1 Diabetes, Currently attending Community College, I have been a fan of Halo since the start, And a Huge Star Wars fan since 1997 when I first saw A New Hope now I have a large Lego Star Wars collection spanning well into the First Gen Star Wars Kits, I am a nerd when it comes to snakes and weapons, but I am also know my Star Trek, Doctor Who, Eragon, and Anime.
Favorite Cons: Comic-Con and Comic Fest are both good cons to attend. I am looking forward to trying to attend Star Wars Celebration VII next year.
Costumes/Props: I currently have my H3 Hayabusa Spartan and My Mandalorian for my current costumes (both in the works) I have two Custom Camping mallets for melee weapons and two Grenades made from Billiards Cue balls.
My current Kit bash from SDCC 2014
My Mando Armor which is steel
My MK2 (On the Left) and MK1(On the Right) Hayabusa Helmets circa 2012 (MK 1 was retired after being autographed by Burnie Burns and Kathleen from rooster teeth

Jason 078

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  • Name: Jason
  • Location: Newberg, OR
  • Building since: 1994
  • About me: I started building actual costumes when I moved from Sacramento to a small town in Oregon with the same population as my former high school. It was initially medieval armors that lead me to discover the SCA and the joys of voluntary 35mph car crashes (aka jousting) and beating someone senseless with a dull metal sword (aka beating someone senseless with a dull metal sword).

    I joined the military and had to stop damaging my body. The military was doing that well enough on its own and didn’t want the competition. Technically, I was an armorer/supply puke, but I was assigned to an infantry unit. For those of you not knowledgeable of what that entails, it means I was an infantryman without the extra training and with about 40 extra pounds of beans, bullets, and water. This lasted until I was blown up in Iraq and decided to scoot what was left of my butt to a supply sergeant position with a nice cushy support unit.

    In 2007, I got into Star Wars costuming. Since that time, I have had a Darth Vader, Rebel Marine, and Darth Nihilus costume. I am currently working on a Wookiee triple build (same Wookiee suit, but with three costumes to make it three different characters). I’m also working on a set of his-and-hers ODST armor for my wife and I and designing a magnum from the ground up to be followed by other weapon systems.

    I’m also an author and am doing a little fan-writing in the Halo playground. See the link in my signature bar and don’t be afraid to leave a comment on my fanfic story. Hopefully, I can actually score a contract to do a Halo novel.
  • Favorite Cons: I’d have to say my favorite Con is Star Wars Celebration. Besides the couple of smaller cons in Portland I have gone to, I haven’t had much conning experience.
  • Costumes/Props: Give me some time to dig through my HD to fish out the pics!


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Name: Joshus Brooks (Josh for short)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Building since: I started building in 2010 pep related stuff pretty much after i joined the community. Before that i have made a few various things for my local renaissance group out here :)
About me: I've never been good at just rambling on about myself really so ill keep this short. I have lived in Vegas for 23 years, i like to do all sorts of different things ranging from video games to sword fighting. If you want to know more about me just ask and ill answer to the best of my ability lol. Like i said, not to good at talking about myself :p
Favorite Cons: The only con i have been to is the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. I went last year for a day. I have not been able to go to many due to real life stuff. :-( I do hope to go to more soon though.
Costumes/Props: Like i said earlier, i have completed one full suit. Although it was destroyed in an intense battle with some Covies. (got to damaged and wared to repair and i used it for target practice lol). I have also made a pistol, a foam helmet, and a scout helmet from reach for my friend. I have more projects coming up i want to work on, just need the time lol.

Here are some pics of the full suit. first one with my pistol i made, the rifle is an adam cast. second pic of me and my buddy with the helmet i made for him.

Here is pics of foam helmet.

and finally pics of the pistol.

sorry so many pics, but figured id share. :) I look forward to meeting many of you in the future if i get a chance :)
Thanks for letting me be part of the Pacific Reginment.



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Name: Everyone I am friends with calls me Dee. If you use my full name, Deanna, I am going to assume you want to sell me something, or are about to file a complaint.
Location: I am in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.
Building since: Building and designing multi-unit structures since 2007... Oh wait, you meant building armour didn't you? Yeah, since June 2014.
About me: I am a total geek, and I generally geek out by finding insane projects and spending obsessive amounts of time researching, planning, and working on those insane projects. I am definitely a go-big-or-go-home type. I used to play around in the SCA, but when the group in our area got caught up in a whirlwind of political nonsense most of our friends left and we never really have found the urge to go back. Being involved in the SCA (i mean really being involved) is almost a lifestyle choice and can really isolate you from the real world. Anyways, back to relevant information.
I am a wife and mom, my husband and I like to geek out together with video games and ridiculous projects that make people look at us like we are crazy. By the way, I get told that I am crazy and weird A LOT, it surprises me that even now when I'm 30 years old they haven't found anything better to do with their time... My daughter is 4 now and she is being brought up to appreciate the many facets of things she can enjoy. It is our luck that she tends to get super excited about geeky things to and is a ridiculous fan of getting to cosplay. She used to be a shy and reserved little girl, but with a few conventions under her belt she is all about getting people to notice her amazing outfits, and talking their ear off forever about her cosplays and which ones she is going to do next.
I am also a building technologist, and have my own company providing services to multi-unit housing corporations throughout BC.
Favorite Cons: My husband and I are still fairly new to conventions, and we still cherry pick them trying to find a balance between cons that we can take our daughter to without blowing our budget. This year VCON will most likely be our only destination, as we are focusing most of our funds into the materials for our HALO builds. But next year we would definitely like to add Emerald City Comic Con and PAX to our destination list (besides the local cons), if we have our Halo suits ready in time I think it would be awesome to drive down through the Pacific Regiment and show them off at SDCC.
Costumes/Props: I have made a bunch of medieval style outfits ranging from Roman times to Elizabethan times. Cosplay wise I have done a Resident Evil: Extinction outfit (currently my avatar picture). I am currently working on Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel (Carole Danvers one) costumes, and the Sarah Palmer and scout builds from Halo 4 with my husband.


  • Name:Alex
  • Location:Escondido,CA
  • Building Since:2010, around July.I started a Halo 3 Master chief helmet and I used plaster clothe since i was to young to use resin.the jaw fell apart. then i tried it again and it came out ok.even installed lights.
  • About Me:I am 16 years old and i am a super nurd-Never Under Robotics Domination-robotic team 3rd year running.I dont look like a nerd but i am one!!!I am 5'7", build but healthy. I weight 168 lbs. I loved the video game since i 5 years old. Have all of the Halos but, Halo Wars. I haven't meet up with some one who knows about pepakura.I hope someone can meet up with me to share techniques or just be friends.
  • Favorite Con: I haven't been to a Con before but i plan on going to the 2015 Comic Con.
  • Costumes /Props: i am currently building a halo a MJOLNIR Mark IV Powered assault below.







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Name: Matthew
Location: Orange county, California
Building since: somewhere around 2012
About me: im 14 years old, and i do 14 year old stuff XD
Favorite Cons: never been to a con, but i hope to get to the next sdcc
Costumes/Props: i dont have any pics of my completed halo 4 suit (yet) but i have a few pictures of some things iv'e pepped out.

odst 5.jpg

mc 5.jpg


didact 3.jpg


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Name: Abraxas3d
Location: San Diego
Building since: I've sewn for many years, but began doing armor builds at 2014 Comic Con.
About me: I enjoy thinking and doing. Not necessarily in that order.
Favorite Cons: San Diego Comic Con, and maybe others as I learn more about them.
Costumes/Props: So far, I've started working with hazops models in order to do a pepakura set of armor. I made a 3D print of the head to test the concept, and I'm going for it! Arcanine on the forums was very helpful in getting female hazops armor pieces into the database for me, so I could start with best possible fit.

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  • Name: Jaren, but call me Azsendi
  • Location: Arcadia, California
  • Building since: August 2014
  • About me: I'm a high school student that just started, but I've lurked around the forums.
  • Favorite Cons: Haven't been to any, but hopefully, SDCC next year.
  • Costumes/Props: Haven't gotten any pictures yet, but I'm cutting out my Mk. V Helmet.


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Name: Jacob but everyone calls me Jack
Location: Oregon City, Oregon
Building Since: March, 2013
About me: I'm 15 and I do a lot of gaming, origami, and pepakura work
Favorite Cons: New to the whole Con stuff so I'm hoping to go next year
Costumes/Props: I've got a collection of helmets ranging from the Halo 4 Spartan IV to Iron Patriot. I also have a half complete Forward unto Dawn Suit that I work on in my spare time.
Oh and I also do unfolding so if you want something done feel free to send it my way.