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405th Regiment Officer
Name: Jason
Location: Surrey BC
Building Since: October 2012
About me: I'm 21. I have only built helmets so far and I'm loving every second of it. And I hope too go to PAX Prime 2015 with a full suit.
Costumes/Props I have build a Total of 8 helmets everything from Batman to Halo 1 MK V to Iron Man. I also make a Portal Cube. I am Currently working on Jun helmet for my friend then, I will be starting a full suit with hopefully weapons and a Scout helmet.


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  • Name: Ashley
  • Location: Whidbey Island, WA
  • Building since: 2007
  • About me: I started building my first suit in college so I could join up with some of my friends who were the crazy fans at football games. After I completed the suit I was hooked and wanted to make more costumes and props. So far I've made Mark IV armor, Kat's armor set and just started getting into sfx make-up, so I did Samara from Mass Effect. I love bringing characters to life and hanging with crazy costumed nerds at cons.
  • Favorite Cons: ECCC and PAX
  • Costumes/Props:
  • 538744_3730120332519_868066345_n.jpg1229800_10200453626808885_1093978122_n.jpg546099_10151051701513907_2041282117_n.jpg10013969_830575086959207_115665602_n.jpg


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Name: Mike
Location: Brentwood, CA (Northern California)
Building since: 2014
About me: I always admired folks who cosplayed especially those who went full Halo armor and my wife and I finally bit the bullet and started into it this summer. We are in process of building our first armor hopefully in time for Halloween.
Favorite Cons: Wizard World Sacramento (it's the only one I've attended in about ten years, lol)

IMG_2602.jpg IMG_2733.JPG IMG_3162.jpg IMG_3173.JPG


Name: Chris, CrazedOne
Location: Provo, UT
Building since: 2011
About me: Always wanted to have spartan armor. Started my building journey with a lightsaber, then an assault rifle and then a full suit of armor! Currently working on a higher detail version of my reach build.
Favorite Cons: PAX, SLCC
Costumes/Props: 10299526_10152058009328779_2603328621464362715_n.jpg 10492295_608841365896330_4712930790313698889_n.jpgIMG_0506.jpg


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Name: Johnny
Location: Southern California
Building since: August of 2014
About me: Grew up with Halo and always wanted armor, now im making one!
Favorite Cons: SDCC
Costumes/Props: Just started on the Halo Wars Mark IV. Recently finished pepping the helmet.



Name:Tom Calvo
Location: Salem Oregon
Building since:2010
About me: pacific islander, from Guam/Rota
Favorite Cons: wish i could of gone to wizardcon
Costumes/Props: Share some of your work, completed or inprogress.
my first
new one


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  • Name: Kat Kiele (online last name) or MicroMando/MicroODST (maybe MicroSpartan not too sure yet)
  • Location: Orange County, near Jose and MadKat
  • Building since: Thanksgiving 2014 :p
  • About me: I am a star wars costumer and soon to be Spartan :) I have been costuming since 2013 and I have one costume basically finished, another star wars one on the way, a Spartan in the planning, and Black CanaryCosplay in the planning. I am also a photographer (jeditography) and a musician.
  • Favorite Cons: What cons are we likely to see you at? I usually attend San Diego Events, the Comicons near my area, and lots of Charity events that I can use as community service hours. (usually when there is school holidays because I have lots of homeowrk over the weekends)
  • Costumes/Props: I have my star wars costume which is my mandalorian. that can be found on Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

    I can't wait to join the ranks soon :D


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Hey everyone, I am Tom. I love the halo games, iron man movies, starwars. I live in yelm washington. I have a real rifle that would look awesome as master chiefs rifle. Anyone local to me? I am also a member of z.e.r.t. and my call sign there is X6545. Feel free to hit me up. I would love to create a masterchief armor for myself. But do not have anything other than my cellphone currently so if someone can give me a hand I'd appreciate It very much.


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  • Name: Andrew (I'm also known as Abe)
  • Location: Bellingham, WA
  • Building since: September 2009
  • About me: Been a fan of Bungie since Myth 2, Soulblighter. Halo 2 was the spark that started it all. My costuming interest didn't come in until Halo 3: ODST. I remember seeing video somewhere of Spartans waiting at the door for the midnight release of Halo 3: ODST. Since then, I have always wanted Halo armor for myself. When I'm not building armor, I usually play on my Xbox One, try and catch up on the latest episodes of Arrow and The Flash, and when I'm feeling it, exercising. I also do WWII re-enactments.
  • Favorite Cons: I have never been to a con before. If I were to go to one, they would probably be in the state of Washington and possibly Oregon.
  • Costumes/Props: Current project: Halo 3 Mark VI (in progress)
  • Future project: Halo 4/5 Armor



Name: TrooperJasher AKA Jade
Location: Alaska
Building since: 2007
About me:
I have been working on (it's never finished... always something to improve) a Mandalorian since '09, I became an official member of the Mercs in '11. I bought one of PJ's original molds (legacy V1 aka Y visor) and have been making molds and casting things for the last 2 years. I enjoy fishing and hunting... as well as eating the tasty meat from those activities...
Favorite Cons: Senshi con... Alaska sucks in this particular department
I've completed a few Mandalorians, and I've been commissioned for a (I honestly have no idea anymore) number of Mandalorian Costumes.
I started a Skyrim Whiterun Guard in December; this one is and has been a slow build due to the fact I am trying to use as many real materials as I can...


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Name: Alexis Smith

Location: Gladstone, Oregon (small town south of Portland)

Building Since: 2009

About Me:
I've been a Halo fan since the game came out back in 2001. Halo was the game my dad and I would play all of the time when I got out of school and we kept playing until my dad got tired of me beating him all of the time (I was 10). I read the books and drew Halo related pictures constantly through out middle school and high school and eventually ran across the 405th my Junior year in high school. I started my first suit (just a standard green Master chief suit from Halo 3) with much exuberance and my mother was concerned that I was obsessed. This was not really the case because I like making things and since I loved Halo at the time, it all seemed to fit together. I started this project on my own and it ended up being my Senior project my graduating year. I got an A+ on the assignment and I got to wear my suit around the school for a day. The attention I got was the most I had ever gotten in a school setting because I was one of the quiet kids who sat in the corner in the hallway scribbling on a drawing pad. The best part was no one knew who I was until I took my helmet off and the shock and awe in the revelation that I was a girl was astonishing.
After my first suit, I quickly moved onto my next suit (Agent Texas) and met Jeremie, Crystal, and Derek in my costuming journey. Together, we founded the Hood's Hellions, the Portland area 405th division of the Pacific Regiment. Nowadays, I work full time as a QA tester for Microsoft. As to what projects I am on, I cannot say, but it takes a lot of my time away from my costuming but I am still able to work on new projects from time to time. Currently, I have a Reach suit sitting on the back burner (I have some gauntlets done) and I am working on a fairly large project and will keep it a secret until Emerald City Comic Con later this month.

Favorite Cons:
Rose City Comic Con (Portland), Wizard World Comic Con (Portland), Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle), PAX Prime (Seattle)

Costumes/ Props:
H3 Master Chief, Agent Texas (Red vs Blue), Custom Reach Spartan (in progress), Nightingale (Skyrim), Nightingale Sword, Secret Project ECCC 2015





405th Regiment Officer
Name: gunny reaper aka jon
Location: wasilla alaska ( yes like trooperjasher)
Building since: 2008
About me: been working on armor and props since 2008, was a member of the mando mercs but retired to focus on other genres that i like. i love playing games favorite halo 3 odst going to school for marine biology maybe something different.
Favorite Cons: senshi con hoping to hit out of town cons, i loved comic con and comic expo in Albuquerque new mexico
Costumes/Props: currently working on nordic carved armor, halo 4 odst as well as dino charge red and agent washington from RVB no props yet oh and an animated clone trooper ARF trooper to be more precise


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  • Name: Jonathan "UX" Chaney (Call me UX or Jon)
  • Location: Novato, California.
  • Building since: sometime between 2012 and 2013
  • About me: Got a copy of Halo 4 and a 360 on December 31, 2012. Had previously been a PC gamer (still am, but to a lesser degree). Huge fan of the O.D.S.T.'s (Darn it 343i, why'd you guys let the rookie get killed in the comics?!).
  • Favorite Cons: None for a few years, possibly going to be at FanimeCon in 2017, possibly 2016, uncertain. Possibly BayCon in 2017. Only problem is, Fanime and BayCon seem to be always on the same weekend...
  • Costumes/Props: Currently working on an O.D.S.T. build... So far the helmet, chest plate, and the right side serrutas(?) plate pep'ed. Also picked up a M6C/SOCOM kit from the legendary Branfuhr Studios. Detail is very high on it (will edit with pics later).


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  • Name: Deo Floremonte (Reii or DeReii)
  • Location: San Francisco, CA moving soon though
  • Building since: april 2014
  • About me: I love anime, a lot, grew a lot of love to cosplaying too, but I have a big passion for gaming. First halo game was Halo CE, tried it first when I was at a net cafe in the philippines during 2005~ I still remember me trying to move around the Pillar of Autumn not knowing what I was doing XD, loved the game, later found out it had sequels when I moved here in U.S, got myself a 360 and first game to play was Halo3:ODST
  • Favorite Cons: Fanime, AX. Only con's I've only gone to or going to. I'll go to more cons soon though.
  • Costumes/Props: Fanime 2015; ODST. It wasn't great but it was my first full armor build. Going to start on a Spartan-III Recon armor for 2016.


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Name: Ian
Location: Lake Stevens WA
Building since: 2012
About me:I'm 16 years old and love cosplay. I am currently in the middle of producing a fan film as well as trying casting for my first time ever!
Cons: ECCC
Projects: image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

Tanker Mech 16

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Name: Sean
Location: Chico, CA
Building since: July 2015
About me: 29 year old, father of 3, found this site by accident and have loved it ever since! Currently building a Mark-VI John-117. I was in the Marines for 6 years as a helicopter mechanic, fiberglass repairs on helicopters, carbon fiber, Nomex, metal work etc... So doing this is a fun little way for me to keep some skills sharp. I'm trying to have my suit Pep'd and ready for the Halo 5 launch. and most importantly to be the COOLEST dad trick or treating with my kids lol. UMMMM, currently work as a aircraft mechanic building the planes that fight forest fires, and I teach CrossFit. Thats about the sum of it all. Cheers


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  • Name: Peter. AKA Peterthethinker Or my ham call KG6LSE.
  • Location: A little place called Wilsonville Oregon just a 15 Mile trek down from Portland.
  • Building since: Define building ;) HALO=2015.... cosplay=From HS onward.. Sutff= 8 years old.
  • About me: GUrr I had a nice bio. the SQL error ate it ..... to be added later.
  • Favorite Cons: I staff NewCon PDX and Kumoricon.
  • Costumes/Props: Words First fanmade Fully 3D printed Halo 4 master chief Mjolnir Armor!
  • In the colors of Donut from RvB ,Later on as MC himself for the Halo5 launch.




22370875957_61e459f75a_b.jpg 22800443851_ae91cb020d_b.jpg

Philthy Stache

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Name: Darrin

Location: Marysville, WA

Building since: Oct 2013

About me: This all started for me as wanting to have a more intricate Halloween costume back in 2013. I wanted to do a Master Chief build, but got seduced by the look of Iron Man instead. And in printing my first part I made it too big, and the next was rather small...but not for my kid. And the rest is history. I started my journey and began making an Iron woMan suit for her. And I enjoy doing pepakura more than foam just because it's a zen kind of thing for me.

I enjoy Halo because it's always been such an enjoyment to play. My oldest never really got into it, but my youngest likes it and we enjoy playing a few levels now and then, and just have a good time.

Favorite Cons: You'll more than likely spot me at ECCC. But won't be there til probably 2017 due to scheduling and finances.

Costumes/Props: As stated above, my work in progress is an Iron Man suit for my daughter, hence the "Iron WOman" name. I've still got a few things to sort out, but should have it ready for her by next year.
Iron Man.jpg iron woman.jpg


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It's neat how working on props can put you in a zen moment. :) Welcome aboard, and we look forward to seeing your progress!