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Now the we have our own little slice of heaven, let's get to know each other.
Name: Vincet
Call tag : Wolf
Age : 27
Location : Mass
Occupation : automotive repair tech , undercar specialist
About me: I joined the 405th back in 2010. I've been cosplaying/ costuming since just after joining. My first build was an ODST that was foam built, it was pretty crappy. From there I made my Reach spartan V1.which I took to NYCC, met a few of you there. And ever since then I've been slowing improving my Reach suit. I've started building foam weapons as well, including Reach DMRs and soon starting a Reach shotgun. My future plans are to build a Destiny Warlock and possibly a Halo4 suit. Here I've been trying to recuirt and grow the community in the NE, as well astryi g to organize met ups at conventions and events. I'm hoping we can grow to become a strong regiment with some dam fine persons. Anything ya need feel free to ask.


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Name: Corey
Call tag : Zaff
Age : 28
Location : Upstate NY
Occupation : still working on that one
About me: I have a deep love of anything custom (or at least customizable) and tend to spend more time creating/adjusting characters in any given video game than actually playing that game. I'm looking to get into the business of automotive restoration, fabrication, and customization (but still have quite a ways to go on that). I came to the 405th as this was a name that seemed to constantly come up whenever video game props and armor are mentioned, so I just had to check it out. Since joining back in 2012 I've been spending the majority of my time here studying techniques and conceptualizing new ones (although these concepts have yet to be tested). Lately I've been more and more drawn to the idea of finding nearby 405th members and thereby having someone to hang out with and "talk shop," as while most of my family and friends seem to think it's "an interesting hobby," most of them immediately follow that sentiment with either "that looks like way too much time and effort" or "but can you make any money off of it? Shouldn't you be getting a job instead?" The way I see it, from foam fabrication to pepakura fiberglass, many of the techniques learned and used here can translate to what I want to do as a career. Many of the answers and advice given by me to new members has come from what I have learned about auto body paint and prep work. Heh, quite honestly if/when I have my own shop I'll probably want to set aside at least one bay for non-automotive projects. And one of these days, somehow some way, I will have myself a Troop Transport 'Hog. lol.


Name: Dean
Call Tag: Gray
Age: 16
Location: Long Island
Occupation: Currently Unknown
About Me: I joined the 405th back in the summer of 2012. Ever since, I've spent every summer working on a new armor project, or even just fixing old ones. I remember... ever since I was about 10 years old, I've always wanted to make my own suit of armor. When I hit 9th grade, I made a commitment to actually go on with that idea and originally I was going to make an ODST costume, but it seemed overwhelming because... it didn't look as simply to make as a suit of Mark IV armor. In the end I figured that I'd make a Halo 3 suit of Mark IV armor, and that is where I decided to join the forums! When it comes to my personality, I'm working on becoming more of an outgoing person; on the other hand, if there comes a situation for there to be a leader when no one else will be... that's where I come in! I've also been thinking of moving into the medical field of studies, due to my love of the sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. That is all I really can think of about myself. I hope that this community will grow strong and better than ever!


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Name: Jeffrey Hoyle
Call tag : OBI
Age : 25
Location : Worcester, MA
Occupation : Pizza Hut Delivery Driver
About me: I Pretty simple guy, that loves everything about Halo. If you want to know more please hit me up.

Caboose vs Grif

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Name: Hayley
Call Tag: Caboose vs Grif
Location: NY
Occupation: None
About Me: I began costuming when I was 13 and have found a love for going to conventions ever since! I joined the 405th in 2011 after seeing an Indy Mogul youtube video suggesting to check out the 405th. I started with my RvB Tex costume which was part pepakura, part foam. I wore it to NYCC in 2012 and got my helmet signed by some RoosterTeeth crew/cast members. Then I made an all foam Halo Reach costume that I took to NYCC last year. Also at NYCC last year I met a few other 405th members and we got a lot of pictures haha! Since then I have continued on updating and improving my Halo Reach costume and will be taking a Guardians of the Galaxy Groot costume this year to NYCC hopefully!


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Name: Krissy
CallTag: Ashuraa, Ashuraa Deathdancer
Location: Central PA
Occupation: Retail
About Me: I met my husband 20 years ago due to tabletop gaming, D&D, RIFTS, BattleTech, ect. I started making cloth costumes nearly 8 years ago for my brother in laws wedding. It was a civil war era wedding. Since then I have made several other cloth costumes. After this last spring my spouse finally decided that we where going to make him a costume. He searched for a while, then found the 405th. We have been researching, reading, watching tutorials, and now building his costume, and mine as well.

We have plans on making many armors in the coming years,a nd look forward to saving up to go to various Cons.

AI Blue Fox

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Name: Joseph
Call Tag: Fox
Location: MA
Occupation: Video game reviews/retro video game salesman.
About Me: Ever since I was young I loved how detailed and cool costumes were in movies and shows, and was always disappointed with how crappy store bought costumes were. I got into cosplay when after my 11th birthday I found an Anakin Skywalker screen accurate costume in my price range. not long After, my brother got me into the 405th. I have started many builds, almost all dead or unfinished. I was the type of kid who would choose his weapons and location carefully in halo so that it matched up canonly with the cutscenes and story. I've read almost all of the halo books, a few of the comics, and like to consider myself an expert in Halo lore (and get easily irritated by 343s lack of knowledge about the lore or fan appreciation of it) I enjoy writing, drawing, Airsoft MILSIM, producing videos (special effects, comedy, educational, etc) and photography, Cosplay (obviously, and not just halo or armor based) and video games (obviously again)
I spend my time writing reviews, working at Jay St. Video Games and Target in th electronics department, and going to school.
I joined the 405th at 12 years old back in 08, your standard "halokid" who wanted to have armor like everyone else. Over th eyears I picked up the skills to create numerous works of art in the forms of costumes (funnily enough no finished halo armor) and hope to continue cosplay as a hobby for many years to come.


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Name: Alan
Call tag : Wipeout
Age : 27
Location : Mass
Occupation : IT
About me: As soon as i played Halo CE i was hook on the Halo universe and lore. At 1 point I was even a halo 2 and 3 semi pro. I have been cosplaying for a few years now, all anime characters though haha. With the Help of of Sniperwolf and Monsterhelljump I will be starting a halo 4 suit build in the very near future.


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Name: Eric
Call Tag: Kusak, Kusak Snowtiger
Age: 40 (rest of you kids are making me feel old)
Location PA
Occupation: Deliver Driver
About me. Well first I am Ashuraa's spouse. So in general she would be the boss on certain given day's. I have been actively playing RPG's since I was 18. AD&D. Rifts. and Lots of BT TT. I enjoy computer games a Lot I am currently one of the command members of the Skye Rangers SROT in MWO. (Again Ash is my boss over their she is the Brigade XO). Thankfully Ash and I are at the stage of life that our Child is grown and out of the house. Out of the state even so it is just her and I and our four legged children and a big older house to work on and have space to work in. As she said she has been doing cloth costumes for some time and had a great time this year at the local Sci Fi Valley con. She came home and was going on about wanting me to go next year with her. And after 8 years I finally gave in. I told her I would have to go in armor and after some bumping around we landed here. I havent played any of the HALO games but I have always like the images and screen clips I have seen. After some consideration I decided to go with the HALO ODST. Currently I am working on a mixed material build. I am doing both PEP and foam construction methods. I am pushing to get a basic costume ready quickly so that hopefully Ash and I can make it to another local con in feb of 2015 in State college PA. Most of the completed parts in that costume will most likely be foam to get it done. I intend over time to replace parts with Pepped pieces as I get them done at a slower more detailed rate.

I have also started working on various sliced weapon's builds. I have a Silenced magnum very close to completion as well as BR55 at this time. Next weapon I am going to be looking at is the DMR. My skills are not super high level on making the weapons super high detail. No patience for detail carving. Ash and I are looking at and hoping to have a 3d printer sometime late in 2015 to help us with our costume work.

Ghost Bear 027

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Name: Troy
Call Tag: Ghost Bear 027 (Xbox gamer tag too)
Location: RI
Occupation: Medical Software Trainer
About Me: I'm a prior Army Cavalry officer (Captain) who got into Halo back in 2003 when I fell in love with the greens and blues of CE while deployed in Iraq. It's really brown and...brown over there... The game reminded me of the Pacific Northwest and the Alps, all happy places for me, and I loved the way it brought our recon unit together in our down time. I love the story, the visuals, the music, and have always had a soft spot for helmets. I used to make them out of cardboard boxes when I was a kid and run around the neighborhood with them on pretending to be a transformer or god-only-knows what else at this point.

I've been thinking about getting into making them for a while, and finally decided last winter that I would give it a go. I've done 2 so far (Modified Halo Recon and a Destiny Warlock) and am working on a 3rd which I hope to finish this weekend. A concept art type from Reach, but I've modified it as well. I can't say I'm full on into cosplay, but respect and love seeing what you all do, and think it's really amazing to see others react to the hard work and talent people put into their suits. I'm happy making cool helmets for now, and my wife seems to tolerate it as well. Hope to meet up in Providence or Boston this year to shake the hands and chat with others who spend as much time at the workbench as I do.


Name: Nick
Call tag : Monster
Age : 21
Location : Mass
Occupation : Lumber Worker/ Truss builder/ hard labor
About me: hey yall! so i have been a halo fan for about 13 years now and jsut recently got into the armor building community! ummm idk what exactly to say >.> i have every social media site out there pretty much all under the same name XD i work full time and also build props for commissions for extra time! anything else youd like to know feel free to ask away :p


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Name: Nathan
Call tag : n8
Age : 30
Location : Annapolis, MD
Occupation : Systems Analyst
About me:
I grew up a very creative kid and always attempted to build my own costumes for Halloween. Once my teenage years hit I put most of my creative passion to the back burner in lieu of sports, girls, college, bars, ect. Once life started slowing down I quickly got back into it and have been practicing/building for a few years now. I'm working on my second suit which is a pep/fiberglass build. Gen 1 was a foam quick build for last Halloween, which I didn't enjoy working with foam.

My current WIP is only a few posts long as I haven't had much going on lately but will speed up over the next few weeks. It can be found here:

I'm always willing to help so if you guys have questions related or unrelated to suit builds, just reach out to me.


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Name: Benton
Call tag: Shiz
Age: 25
Location: Erie, PA
Occupation: Flooring Installer
About Me:
I got into the costume building a little over a year ago (circa Feb. 2013), and have been building ever since. I got a major push and lots of help from the 405th booth at RTX 2013. My first armor set was fiberglass/resin, a custom build from different parts spanning all the halo series. Helmet was an H4 Scout, chest was an H3 Hayabusa, legs were a H2 thigh and shin...etc. After it was all finished I shipped it down to RTX 2014...... and it got pretty trashed lol. So now I'm working on a foam build for next year. When I'm not working on my armor, I tend to build other projects for friends and family. Currently working on a remote controlled K-9 unit from Doctor Who, as well as a replica TARDIS with fog machine, lights, and the works. I'm handy with just about any tool and any material you put in front of me.


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Name: Mike
Call tag: Harri
Age: 26
Location: Newfield, NY
Occupation: Student (again)
About Me:
Well I always loved games. I picked halo up in 2004, then COD and well......lets say a long list after that. I always liked the idea of cosplaying; it is Halloween 24/7. I started seeing Halo armors back in about 2007 and kinda followed the 405th when I found it. But never ha the push to do it. My wife made me go after it finally and well here I am on the 405th. Granted everything is slow, but that is life. I also help run a gaming community, and also be the web master at the exact same time. If you are wondering just look in my sig section.

On me, I am a father of two gorgeous little girls. I went to college in 2006 and got told no aid in 2009. I was studying game design and was close to my degree. Life just got on my and well found my self just working for 5 years and this year after getting my last layoff i am back in school for Auto CAD design. I have a very creative mind and I just love Photoshop on a dead day to feel free. I do play my games still just hard where i am at to actually play multiplayer games now (lag). I mean I got a lot to tell for only being 26 but all you got to do is ask me and I am an open book.


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Name: JD
Call tag : Flint
Age : 50
Location : NJ
Occupation : retired Army airborne
About me:
Army airborne 30 years well im 5 years retired now' my knees are finally shot as well as a few other things lol so im out' ,
im' married with two grown children' who have moved away'(currently with lots of time on my hands) ive bin into model building and Sci-fi for some time ive done costume building' hard armor soft parts Vac'ing I played some Video games not all as I pre-date them so it took a lot for me to get into to them' had to have some good back story not just shooters '' but I picked up Halo when it came out loved it and the games and books that followed, ive' done the star trek' star wars thing going to Conventions' always more fun in a group'

new to the whole pepakura' building in a way' but im looking foreword to my first build' Halo 3 ODST,or Halo 3 suit a friends already asked me why ODST come on im airborne were else would I start ;) I joined the 405th hoping to find other Halo fans to meet up with at events and learn building info and share what I know as well ,

as soon as my first build' ( yes I said first come on we all know you can not have just one ) is done I plan on making as many events as I can so any units looking for some fresh blood just say the word im sure ill have lots of questions.
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Name: Amir
Call tag : ArmoredAmir
Age : 17
Location : Maryland (Near Annapolis)
Occupation : Student
About me:
I've been a big fan of cosplay for a few years and seeing all the things the 405th and other cosplay communities do and I finally decided to get on for myself and make some awesome Spartan Armor. I've been a Halo fan since Halo 3 came out and I always watched my older brother play it then once my parents let me I played it nonstop, love Halo. Currently I'm working on my Armor out of foam and the helmet is pepakura and its coming along nicely (To my standards haha). Can't wait for a Con to come around and I get to wear it and meet a bunch of 405th members!

I'm happy to be apart of the community!


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Name: Tommy
Call tag : SgtSkittle117 or Sych
Age :21
Location : NJ
Occupation : Electrician
About me: Well there is not to say about me, just a simple guy who was halo fan the first one and have been playing every halo game since. I'm not to sure what else to say feel free to message me if you want anything you want.


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Name: Sam
Call tag: Dirtdives
Age: 46
Location: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Full Time Warehouse Manager/Part Time Handyman
About me: I've been costuming for years. Not cosplay mind you. Costuming. I celebrate Purim, which is the Jewish version of Halloween, and for years I have designed and built mine and my kids costumes. The more outrageous the better. From something as simple as a 1940's looking robot made out of cardboard and aluminum foil to a full sized "Zoltar Speaks" fortune-telling booth. I knew about HALO and cosplay but never really did anything for them. This year is different. My son slept over a friend's house and he played HALO for the first time......... I was then forced to get all of them for our x-box.......and one thing led to another and the request for a HALO MC costume for this Purim came to be. I had already decided on my costume and had already begun construction when I found the 405th. I was hooked. The family now has plans to be at the next NYC Comicon in 2016, so I have my hands full w/ building orders. I do mostly freehand work so using Pepakura is new to me, and because I had to build stuff w/ what i had on hand, a lot of the costumes had foam board incorporated into them. Wings, hats, cyborg parts....ect , ect, ect........And because of where I work, I can pretty much get all the scrap pieces of FB I want.

All that being said, I'm happy to be here and hope that when my suit if finished, I will be glad to participate in any deployment I can get to.


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Name: Joseph/Joe
Call Tag: Lazarus-215
Location: PA (Philadelphia area)
Occupation: Student/General contractor
About Me: Prior Marine Infantry, now going to school full time and working a bit on the side. I just came into the costuming scene, and am fairly new to the 3D printing area, but Id like to think I'm excelling at both. I've printed and painted multiple prop weapons from Destiny, and have done a few from Halo. my current project is doing a full 3D print of the H5 Centurion armor which is about 1/4 done so far. Been playing halo since the first days of Xbox, and have been hooked ever since. I even got my wife hooked on it when Halo 4 came out and we played through it all on Legendary.
I'm trying to get this armor done in a pretty expedient manner so I can attend my first con (be it the great Philadelphia comic con or Wizard World Comic Con). So far having a great time, and have experienced nothing but great things in this community. Looking forward to being a part of this regiment!


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Name: Everett
Call tag: Mebbitts
location: Taunton MA
Occupation: Commercial kitchen Project Manager
About me: avid gamer, love racing and my motorcycles. I'm 50years old and still try to act like I'm 21 (Mondays SUCK!). I have two kids and I've been married for 26 years. my family thinks its funny that my mid-life hobby is creating armor out of foam and pepakura. I love creating the armor and seeing the faces of the kids when they meet their game heroes..

: Big E [Mebbitts] | Spartan-[Spartan-II] || [405th Colonial Division- VIKING]: [Blue] | [Master Sargent] || [Taunton, Mass, USA]

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