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Hey there colonial! Since our introduction page is soooooo old. Let's kick the dust off and re-introduce ourselves to one another.

Name: Mike Harrison
Nickname (optional): Harri
Age: 32
Location: Bath, NY
Occupation: Quality Department (This covers all that I do)
About me: Well not much to say. If you know me I'm a father of 4 girls, save me, and I work in quality control. So as for me in the 405th I joined in 2013, before Benton, after stalking the forums for about two to three years. I went to my first con in 2015 as a BDU dressed ODST and after mad my push to make my MK.1 Odst armor and then finally went to a con in 2016 at Twin-Tiers Comic-Con and in 2017 met most of our active faces. My current goals now are to make a Tier 3 ODST and make a Halo Reach Spartan Armor. After that, I've been active in the regiment and the group. In 2020 I became the RMO and still am for now, which I am very happy I am and able to assist every one of you.
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Name: Sam Cohen
Code Names: Dirtdives,
AKA: Sir Dirt, That Dirt Guy, DirtDad, Father of the Dirt Babies......notice the pattern......
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Age: Digits don't go that high so don't ask.......seriously........its past 1/2 century ok?..... so just let it go......ALRIGHT!!!! I'll be 52 next shut up you young whipper snappers!!! And get off my lawn!!!
Occupation: Professional Handyman and Home Inspector (working on that last one)
Suits: I have a completed Centurion for myself, one Halo Kitty ODSK (Orbital Drop Shock Kitty) for one of my daughters,and I'm in the middle of 3 others.....1 Emile for my son ( had to change the size 4 times since I started....he went from 4' 6" to 6'5" almost overnight!!!), a Caboose for another daughter (she is all over the place when it comes to cosplay so no rush on this one, no thread on this one) and a full Peped Argus for my next suit!! Should be done by next year.....Want this to be the best suit I ever built!!!
Forum Job: As the title indicates, I'm the Divisions Scheduler and Keeper of the Cons list...... which means when I'm doing my job, our fearless leader know who to launch the deadly "wet noodle" missile at and where you can go to show off your suit at the next local Con.....or if you travel....the next Con on you wish list........(Dragon Con for me!!)
Hobbies: I used to skydive (hence the Dirtdives reference) but now I keep things closer to the ground or as far as my tallest ladder will allow, lots of Xbox fortnight (too much according to the wife), woodworking, handiwork......I know its my new profession but the second I don't like turns into a job......I like handiwork too much to insult it by saying it a job, and building cosplay suits and outfits for my kids. They are at the point they don't need me till something breaks or they need to buy something.....typical......teens.....

Lieutenant Jaku

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Name: Jaku
Nicknames: I don't really have any but I'm open to new ones.
Location(s): Gaithersburg MD, but Ill be up in Detroit MI for school next year (I know I'm betraying the regiment).
Age: I'll be 18 in June.
Occupation: student, next year I'll be studying transportation design.
Suits: I have a combination of things spartan suit, a DFT H3 marine suit, and a Reach build ongoing.
Hobbies: Drawing/Painting, models and Warhammer (when my budget allows), sculpting, working on cars, and of course cosplay.


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Name: Josh
Nicknames: Nye Mechworks, GMer56
Locations: Northern Vermont
Age: Old enough to remember when regiments were proposed
Occupation: Accounting Technician
Suits: 11 foot mech, Functioning power armor (WIP), 4 Arm extension backpacks (like skeletonics), 1 1/2 pairs of stilts
Hobbies: Building mecha in the backyard, 3d modeling, fixing my 20-year-old van.


Active Member
Name: Rick Castro
Age: 32
Location: Baltimore, MD.
Occupation: Firefighter - EMT
Suits: Fully complete Halo 3 and halo 5 suit and a halo reach Spartan suit.
Hobbies: cosplay, retro game collecting, comics and anything relating to the 90’s!

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