Introduction and Assault Rifle mod for Nerf Stryfe using rapid prototyping


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Here is the result !



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I am resurrecting a pretty old post, but I am interested in those parts, but after two years, are these parts fully worked out? I would love to have downloads to these parts.


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I would like the parts for 'em as well. I want to make it full auto and since I'm getting a another Stryfe probably in the next 2 weeks along with a new Lipo Battery, a pair of flywheels and a flywheel cage, I want to work on it as soon as possible and I already have the full auto kit from Worker so it'll be awesome on how it turns up. I'll post the results if its finished probably for 3-4 months.


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I have a target wall on the 405th eu booths and this would be awesome for the kids to shoot at it, any chance to get the files?
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