Iris star maps overlayed

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ok I dont know what happened to the Iris (ARG) section but it doesnt matter.......well I got bored and photoshop was sitting there and I realized something star map 3 & 4 had some stars in the same spots but were different sizes (800x600) (600x800) roughly....anyways I place down a really big canvas and I put starmap 4 down....then I used screen on starmaps 1,2, and 3 and overlayed the symbol and here is the result


sorry for the large image size

in each individual star map up to this point there has been a gap and one circle on the end, however when overlayed the gap is now gone and there ar multiple circles (4 for now)

oh seeing that you cannot see the circles....they are on 4 of the lines coming out, the one on the top currently has no circle
nope that was in there on the 4th star chart I was iffy about it until I laid the 3rd one over it and the gaps on the letters were filled in perfectly
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