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So I was searching Google for MC Armor making tutorials and I came across this site. Looks cool, but a lot of the links are broken. Is this just and old unused site, or is it still fairly new and all of the pages have't been created yet?

BTW, the site looks awesome!
The last update was about the Halo graphic novel on the 10th of this month, so I'm guessing it's new, but the creators just haven't gotten around to getting all the links up and everything. Plus, if it was old, I would have found it before now. ;) I hope this forum get's updated soon too, with more sub-forums, and a new look or something.

yeah, it's brand new. I'm just finishing up school, then I'll get busy and update it. Anyone wanna help with that kinda stuff?
What kind of help were you looking for? I'd be willing to help out with anything that I can. I could make some tutorials on Helljumper armor for the website once I actually get started on it.
that sounds good, we also need news posters .... so if you like halo, and wanna write some articles about it. That'd be good too!
I shall care for this site as though it were my own child....

:$ops: well maybe not that far, but I am more then willing to help out around here. :D
im new here, well, i guess everyone kinda is... but i'll add a link to it and put in a good word for it on my Team Xbox account "emerald ice" if you go there, pm me, if you dont, well... register there. link provided.
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