Is this OK to do?

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Ok, yesterday I did something really dumb and I accedentily used the the rest of my liquid hardener when I was resining my chest plate. So i'm wondering, does resin still harden with out the hardener?
Any help will be appreciated
Yea, but it takes weeks, I have resin sitting outside my house in the hot sun daily, resin that accidentally spills out is on the side of it, still wet and sticky from 3 weeks ago.

I would look into asking bondo for a tube of hardener or buying another can and using 5-6 drops, I used 1 tube of hardener for my suit using 5-6 drops per cap of resin, then when I was finishing up, I still had 1/4th left so I used 10 drops.

You will need 2-3 cans of resin, so just go buy another. even if you dont need it yet, you will soon.
Thanks man I will buy another can of resin soon, Hey I think I played you in Halo for Pc once, My name was BadassToast, you recall?
Sorry I dont play Halo on my PC either, I have halo 2, but just dont bother playing it for some reason, must have been someone else, or someone impostering me, I've had lots of people in PC games pretend to be me.
The reason you need to add hardner to resin because it creates a chemical reaction that makes the resin harden and turn into a solid, If you want to use big words, it's called polymerization :)
Without hardener your just waiting for the liquid to evaporate and because it's so.......thick, plus what it is made of, it doesnt evaporate too fast.....
True, but then when he needs the second can of resin, he will have extra hardener, if I remember correctly the can says 12 drops per cup, that is to make it dry very fast, and hard, it is alot more brittle that way and can crack, 6 drops is only half, but it made my peices strong but flexible without cracking.
just go buy some of that liquid hardener by its self ....makes sure its liquid though b/c there is like paste and stuff but not the same..

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