It begins! First build


New Member
After talking with alot of people I decided to pick up a 3d printer. Originally the file on cura said it would take 16 hours. But somehow it ended up taking 22 hours. I need to still figure everything out but it's a great start to getting the fullest of my armor.

Mid print I had to add some hairspray just because the supports stopped sticking. Overall I'm extremely happy how my 3rd print ever came out.

This was post support removal,

I'm very surprised by the quality I always had this misconception that the layer lines were horrible.
Once I tweak some more settings I'll start printing my weapons.
is it going to be a Carter or a custome spartan?
It's going to be a custom ODST, since it's my first build I went with a Sean Bradley kit, but as any hobby goes I went head first and bought a 3d printer to make some custom items. I was very surprised at how this specific STL file came out just because it wasn't really designed to be a 3d print.

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