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... so where to start?

If you've been following my Mark IV build, then you probably know I'm recovering at my parents' house in California after my accident.

For those who don't, this February, I was on a business trip in Connecticut and was hit by a truck. I traveled 30ft after the impact, and no one is quite sure how I survived. I had lacerations to my spleen, liver and kidneys, both lungs collapsed, my aorta was severed, I received head trauma, a mild concussion, broke my right ribs 9-12, broke my L1-L5 vertebrae, and suffered a crushed pelvis. Recovery has been long, hard, and sucky.

And so help me, if one more person says I'm a miracle and that I need to "thank god," I will punch someone in the face! :angry

I've had plenty of epiphanies and realizations since it happened, including the typical "life is short," but I think the one that has hit home the most has been "take nothing for granted." And I really mean it.

Since I've come home, I've reconnected to my family and all my old Navy friends. I've lost and found my cat, Sienna. I've even rekindled what has always been a rocky relationship with my little brother. Now, we play video games every other weekend and are nigh inseparable the entire time. I've even renewed my friendship with Andy, my best friend since we were five, and so close that our families shared hand-me-arounds (I was the oldest, but smallest and last in line).

To top it off, I'm more determined than ever to make my time count. I will find the determination to write my novel and others after it, and I will finish all the costumes I have lined up. The only downside is that all my crafting stuff is still in Texas, but my dad and step-mom have some things here I can try to use. I plan to make the best of my time here, and until I return to work.

Wish me luck, and good health!
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