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  1. 1511113865063-1194321858.jpg Parts arrived today unfortunately the visor is rainbow rather than gold as the listing pictured. Got lights for helmet but I have to pick up a new soldering iron or fix my old one. Hoping in the next few days I will get back on track.

    Any suggestions on what I should do with the rainbow visor?
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  2. So I finally got the painters caulking as Dirtdives suggested hopefully I will get a bit of work tomorrow and a lot of work on the weekend.
    next update will most likely be saturday
  3. does anyone by chance have tips on cutting and fitting visors?
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    Hi Leiutenant Jaku and great job so far!

    For visors I would recommend laying masking tape on both the front and back to cover the entire piece to reduce any chance of scratching. This will also let you marker any lines you may want to cut. Then to cut I would use a dremmel with a double reinforced cut-off wheel. For fitting use prong T-nuts, that seems to be the best route. I'll try to find a video for you.

    You may want to check out these tutorials I've compiled for other parts of the build process.

    *edit: Yeah, the tutorial for cutting and fitting the visor was already in the index under the visor section. Here is a quick link.
  5. thanks i'll be sure to use some of these, but my dremel has a bit stuck in it and before that the previous blade was stuck in it, is this a common problem with an easy fix, or should I use a different tool?
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    Never tighten the dremel tool bit if the bit's shank is all the way down in the dremel. You want some of the shank exposed because the way you get the tool out is by loosening the collet and then push the tool deeper into the grinder. This will "knock" it free.

    Hard to explain in words, let me know if you'd like me to reword. I bet there's a video out there.
  7. thanks I will try this :)
  8. unfortunately, it looks like I have to take a step backward. fiberglass has started falling out of my helmet. and it is too cold to redo it right now
    in the meantime, I am working on a custom pistol/sniper based on a mix of things. I will upload the EVA template soon
    here are progress pics.
    templates should be below

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    Great sketch work. Good luck on the rest of the build.
  11. More progress on back half of the gun. Unfortunately I don't have any same type bottle caps to use for nobs. KIMG0386.JPG KIMG0389.JPG KIMG0392.JPG KIMG0395.JPG KIMG0396.JPG KIMG0399.JPG

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    Hey Leiutenant Jaku - It's kind of hard to tell what these photos are of. If you can next time, place the items near a lamp or bright light. The light will help the camera to use the auto focus. If you still have a hard time focusing, it may be the item is too close to focus on. Keep up the good work though!
  13. Thanks I will try to keep this in mind as I continue
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    Look really good
  15. Terric


    These r my odst Eva foam build.


  16. Terric


    Nah just standard stuff off the shelf. But when using. Use water to thin it out.
  17. This is a build log not a place to post first pep or foam builds
    Also I'm on vacation so don't expect updates for the next two weeks
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    Sorry about that. But that is my current build in progress. not done yet . Still somewhat new to the page.
  19. It's fine just be a bit more careful where you are posting things.
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  23. Finally I have found a bit more time to work on this project. I got the front of the gun done, now all that's left is barrels and painting. KIMG0648.JPG KIMG0647.JPG KIMG0646.JPG KIMG0645.JPG KIMG0644.JPG
    Any color/pattern ideas?
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    You should add some greeblies or panel lines, just something to break up the large flat area to help make it "pop". Adding height variations to the surface is what gives it that real world object look to it and can make or break any prop. Take a look at some Star Wars blasters or the Halo 4 weapons, there's some awesome examples of goofy sci-fi guns there that make excellent use of section breaks and random bolts/screws and widgets to make things look real.
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  25. Yeah it does feel a bit empty I will probably put a shape like a smaller version of the front on, and then put some screw heads in it.
    I also realized that I forgot the trigger and guard.

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