Jedi: Fallen Order Scout Trooper Commander Build

Main part of the belt is done. I found some 1 inch ribbed hose in my garage for the detonator that I just need to paint and put the end caps on.
It appears I have forgotten to update this. I have finished the Detonator, got the greeblies on the biceps, and printed all the parts for the Battery (dont have pics, sorry)

All I need now is to sand the battery, paint it, sew the velcro pads onto the shoulders so they can actually attach to the suit, and then get the cummerbund so I can finish the harness. Full progress pic as well.

The helmet being a slightly different white is kinda bothering me, but not enough for me to personally justify painting a Black Series helmet. should I paint it with the white I used for the armor or leave it the way it is?
It probably seems off because it's not weathered like the rest of your armour, I'd say if you give it a black wash it'll probably tie in a bit more.
Alright little update. I have weathered the helmet, attached the detonator to the belt, re-printed the control box, and I'm gonna be making the cummerbund pretty soon. After the cummerbund is made I'm gonna make the harness to go over it, the harness is what the battery and control box attach to.

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