JemKadetchy's Destiny: Hunter and Warlock build! (pic heavy)

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  1. SpartanJem013

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    EDIT: Ill keep posting my latest and greatest complete armor photos at the top here. If you'd like to see how i made it feel free to enjoy the rest of the thread!
    Best buy 1.jpg
    best buy 2.jpg

    This picture was taken inspired by Cayde-6 in the Tower! (Taken at Best Buy)

    best buy 3.jpg

    Hello everybody! Allot of destiny builds going around, especially the hunter class lol. Figured i'd post production of my duo build of my Hunter and the girlfriends Warlock!
    Destiny_Hunter_2_Character_Sheet_wallpaper MALE.jpg
    Destiny_Warlock_1_Character_Sheet FEMALE.jpg

    First up here we have the Hunter helmet building process!

    hunter pep 3.jpg
    hunter pep complete 2.jpg
    Hunter pep complete 1.jpg

    Now that the first helmet is in the fiberglass/ bondo stage, I decided to make a ghost!
    I hope to eventually make a mold of the ghost to make more of them.

    ghost production 2.jpg
    ghost complete.jpg

    That's it for now! I hope to have these costumes done in time to walk in the local parade with some other 405th members! Shout out to MN 339th!
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  2. aabateries2

    aabateries2 Member

    Yeah keep it up. I love the hunter builds.
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  3. Gray Silhouette

    Gray Silhouette New Member

    Very nice pep work! Is the scale on the helmet good?
  4. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    Lower the scale 20% and it should be perfect, its not meant to cover your entire head, its the face mask. Thank you :D
  5. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    UPDATE TIME!!!!!!

    So far i have just fiber glassed the helmet and painted my ghost, but i have a 3d printed ghost in the process. Also! plan on 3d printing the mk 44. Here's the pics, enjoy :

    helm 1.jpg
    helm 2.jpg

    Thats all for now! This weekend should be good building days!
  6. aabateries2

    aabateries2 Member

    Nice I'd like to see the mk. 44. Keep it up
  7. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    Gatta find a place to print it off is kind of hard, such a big model, even in pieces.
  8. Ghost Bear 027

    Ghost Bear 027

    What was the height you printed off the hunter mask on and what is the actual height if you stand it on its chin? I ask because I've never found the number shown to be all that reliable and am thinking about starting one of these myself.
  9. colbs


    Height will very person to person
  10. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    I reduced size 10% and it fit nicely.
  11. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member


    First up we have the finish fiberglassing!!!!
    helm cleaned.jpg
    next stage with that will be to bondo, unfortunately my sander is out of sanding sheets...

    Now we have the chest armor i started today out of eva foam. Progress pics!!!
    chest progress.jpg
    chest progress 1.jpg
    chest progress 2.jpg
    chest finish.jpg

    After all that work to get the chest (and back part) put together and detailed, here's a test pic with the mask and a hood on!
    hunter scarf.jpg

    Hope everyone enjoys the build so far! I'm having allot of fun making it! I hope to have the entire costume done by Halloween, so i can walk in the Anoka parade (Halloween capital of the world, srsly look it up xD) Will keep posting progress!!
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  12. ShadowWolf471

    ShadowWolf471 New Member

    Are you using any resources for making that chest armor? Or are you eyeballing it its ingame appearance and your own body measurement? Just curious, been wanting to start my own Destiny cosplay and have been unable to find many resources out there yet.
  13. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    I have a few reference pictures i'm using, and then i measure myself and kind of wing it i guess xD
  14. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member


    Hello everybody! time has come to show off pictures of the belt; aka next part i'm working on, aka still needs to be latex-ed, aka stuff and things and stuff. Without further adieu, production of the belt!
    :Still need to make the belt buckle, will explain later:

    First i took a measurement of myself around my waste, then i measured on the picture of the hunter class how long the belt is and where it covers on the model, i then measured it on my self and got about 5 and a half inches of height and 34 and a half inches wide.
    belt 1.jpg
    belt 2.jpg

    The belt part i have split into 2 pieces at the moment, going to connect them with Velcro later.
    belt 3.jpg

    After cutting the two belt parts out, i then cut and re glued parts to show different layers, and made creases on lines for detail.
    belt 4.jpg

    Basic heat gun trick to make the foam bend. Also added loop holes for the belt to go through, i may re-do them with thinner foam later.

    Here's the almost finished product! Enjoy, feel free to post tips and tricks, or ask questions, i will answer!
  15. Gray Silhouette

    Gray Silhouette New Member

    That's some nice detailing! I'm new to foam, can you go into more detail how you get it to look so well?
  16. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    I actually use a knife and soldering iron, i angle the knife i use to make V shape lines in the foam. The iron i use to make deeper lines in the foam that adds a space between them without needing to cut the foam apart, that is a very risky way to do it because you can easily burn or set fire to your foam.
  17. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    ALMOST DONE!!! 2nd to last update!!!!

    So far i have all foam parts plasti-diped and ready for paint! All i need to get left is a long sleeve shirt and some cloth for the hood/ scarf/ cape.
    Here are the pictures from this most recent update!
    boots no progress.jpg
    Went and got fake leather type stuff to cover up a normal pair of boots with.
    boots progress 1.jpg
    started front to back and then up
    boots progress 2.jpg
    tried to get as much detail into it as i could by copying every part of the Hunter boots.
    boots front.jpg
    after boots were done being covered, i added the foam armor and box thing to the boots.
    boots back.jpg
    boots front 2.jpg
    Also added the buckle type things to the pouch on the lower left leg.
    Finally the helmet!!!
    Bondod so its smooth but i left some parts because the actual helmet is pretty angular.
    Added the visor and the attachment part for the accuracy of in game.
    helm no visor.jpg
    helm with visor.jpg

    Only have one final bit of progress to do before Fall Con tomorrow!!! So excited!!!!
    Will post pics of finished product including pics from Fall Con!
  18. propfreak


    and a final pic for you ;) game stop video soon to follow. LOL!

    Attached Files:

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  19. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    Not so final, final update.

    First to note, helmet is a little big, going to re-make it, i will be also spending time improving the armor on the costume and the cloak.
    Destiny Hunter Knife
    Remake of Hunter helm
    Improving armor

    Soooo to finish off the first armor, the boots painted!
    boots painted.jpg

    Light coats of brown spray paint worked perfectly on the fake leather. No pealing or paint coming off!

    The cloak was made in 2 separate parts, scarf was a separate piece from cloak and hood.

    Sorry don't have pictures of painting the armor or of finishing it. Had to powerhouse finish the costume in 2 days lol

    Helmet was painted with black primer then silver paint, used cheap 1 dollar blue spray paint for the lines, terrible mistake...
    helm finish.jpg

    Helmet was big compared to the rest of the armor, going to re size a pep file and re make the helmet out of foam!! so stay tuned for more pics to come!!!!
    Here is a picture of the Hunters knife to date. Will be working on it, hopefully make a mold to mass produce and sell these knifes for around 20 usd.
    hunter knife.jpg
    Made from eva foam covered in worbla! A little bit of sanding and smoothing out, and ill be ready to make a mold! STAY TUNED!!!
    These are the only photos i have from Fall Con, unfortunately i didn't take any pictures, going to have to search around to find pictures that other people took.
    pic with friends.jpg

    Reoccurring spartan is propfreak, not sure if he has uploaded a thread on his master chief build yet! But be sure to check him out!
    Thats all for now... will be posting here and there to show updates to this costume. Hope i can someday make it worthy of a master build!
  20. aabateries2

    aabateries2 Member

    Nice work I love seeing builds get finished
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  21. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    Here are some updated pictures, Fixed the chest made it smaller, painted parts of the undersuit, wore makeup as an awoken to Metacon 2014!!
    I have more updates to come!!! ENJOY!

    Yes the caption for the middle pic was "paint me like your french guardians."
  22. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    ANOTHER UPDATE!!! As i have stated multiple times, the first initial costume was just a test, then a refined one. Now im getting into really refining the costume. Massive updates to chest, arm, gloves, and the helmet! Here is some pics from an adventure at Best Buy!
    Best buy 1.jpg
    best buy 2.jpg
    best buy 3.jpg

    Hope everyone enjoys!! I post pics on The Crucible and Destiny Cosplay pages on facebook aswell!
  23. SpartanJem013

    SpartanJem013 New Member

    So this thread has been dead for a while now, but i thought i would resurrect it with my LATEST Version of my destiny Exo Guardian!!
    Featured at Dragoncon 2016!

    To start off I basically scrapped the front plate and 90% of the armor the black version had, to re-work it and turn it into the Year 1 Iron banner set with an Exo helmet instead of the foam helmet. Also featuring a 3D printed Sword of Crota!! At 75% infill this suckers is HEAVY, still hangs on my wall... Also the first print of The Last Word I had commissioned from Lael Lee (which the file is public that i payed for....)

    Anyways... Armor is eva and craft foam, the boots i had done with this set were a poor attempt at the Radiant Dance Machines. Never got good pictures of them, mainly because they didnt work all that well lol Next version of them will be better. This suit was worn at a couple conventions in my state. Here is the Mk. 4 Destiny Guardian


    After the Mk. 4 House of wolfs had been released and I had decided on a completely new set of armor from Destiny, went with Trials of Osiris chest and gauntlets with Bones of the Eao as my choice for legs! Worn for the midnight launch of Taken King and Dragoncon was the first this suit has been seen at a convention! All the bones on the legs are made with foam, the gauntlet is warbla and the rest of the armor is foam aswell. This may be my final guardian armor. I will have upgrades every now and again but I have other projects id rather tend to ;)
    Still a little star struck that I got to meet some of my favorite cosplayers from around the world!! Im so happy I could be at Dragoncon, this has been a life long dream ever sense I had joined the 405th. To everyone there, stay awesome you are the reason others wake up with a smile on their face :)


    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

    hey SpartanJem013 great build man and enjoyed your updates. I had a quick question, I have never tried using EVA foam but i hear from alot of people that it is better to use for armor and armor plates. How do i go about making armor, by means of measuring and fit? Was there a template you followed or did it yourself? I read you went of a photo for reference but how did you go about it on the foam? Thanks for taking the time and consideration for reading this message and hope to hear from you soon.

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