Jihad's MC Helmet

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I finally have started working on my helmet and i just wanted to show off what a bad job im doing on it so far. Yes I did fiber glass the outside because it was easier than the inside and i figure i have enough bondo to make up for all the lost detail.

When i first started i found it was difficult to keep the cloth from moving around while i spread the resin out but i decided to tack the peices down with a little bit of hot glue.

Any comments, questions, and critiques are greatly appreciated.


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seems to be fine to me with the outside fibreglassed aside from the detail loss and all that sanding. but if ur gonna put bondo over it then it might not look so bad lol. i fibreglassed the outside of one of my helms (no pics yet) but i cut each piec of fibreglass cloth to fit a specific spot then used a lil bit 'o' tacky glue to make it stay in place lol. any way less detail was lost but now i need to smooth it =/
thanx, i hope to actually finish all the armor before the end of ski season so i can go skiing as the masta chief. these are pretty high hopes and probably wont happen this year.


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That would be a challenge... considering its hard to do most activities in a suit, but skiing. Have fun
Deadandbroken said:
Looks great have fun with the sanding
Is it really that hard sanding on the fiberglass alone?
And will the bondo adhere to the areas of unsanded fiberglass?
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