My MK-VI Rakshasha helmet!


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Pictured below is my, now retired, MK-VI Rakshasha helmet, signed by some awesome members of the 405th midwest division. What started as a 2 day build just to have something for Planet comicon 24 ended up leading me to new friendships and the 405th infantry. Here's the build and story of the one and only MK-VI(R) helmet. As I mentioned, this didn't start as a serious project so I didn't think to take many progress pics. I'll do my best to explain the process.

The MK-VI(R) helmet started life as a disguise Infinite chief helmet I got at target roughly 2 years ago. Here's me enjoying some Sonic afterwards

It wasn't until a few days prior to planet I started the project. The materials I used are as follows: Plasti dip, matte black Behr spray paint, Rust oleum khaki camo spray pain, Eva gym foam, metallic sharpies, hot glue and gorilla clear grip. I also used super glue and electrical tape but couldn't find them for the bottom pic

First I removed the visor. All it took was gently yet firmly pressing on it from the back and it popped right out. I gave it a few coats of black spray paint. IIRC it took about 3 to get a satisfying result. Then I moved on to attachments. I added the rails from an old airsoft helmet using the clear grip. It took some trial and error but I eventually got them on securely. After that I did the antenna. I took an old, broken turtle beach headset phone and super glued a plastic straw to the connection point. I covered the logo with a piece from the helmet rails as a greeble. I plastidipped the straw, then painted the rest of it black. I then hot glued it to a 2x3 lego brick, hot glued to a screw and screwed it into place, followed by more hot glue for reinforcement and cutting the tip off with bolt cutters. I then added some foam padding. I wrapped the tip and and base of the straw in electrical tape, then added a piece from a czech M-10 gas mask I saved just for this occasion. The wire on the other side is the drinking straw from that same gas mask held in with electrical tape. I then added the khaki stripe as a finishing touch

The original plan was making a red visor using a face shield coated in transparent red spray paint. This fell through after I couldn't get it to properly contour to the helmet. As a last resort I used a pair of combat goggles and they fit right in. Incidentally it ended bearing a strong resemblance to the Lechuza helmet. It was at that point the MK-VI(R) was born. The lore being that it's a gutted MK-VI refitted to be compatible with the Rakshasha systems and field upgrades. It's one of a kind. Note that the silver and bronze details weren't added until after day 1 of planet, using metallic sharpie, and it wasn't until after day 2 the scuffs and signatures were added
LECHUZA Helmet.png

So that's how it was built, but how was it received? Honestly, for something I slapped together in 2 days, I wasn't sure. I was worried it wouldn't compare to the other cosplays present and that people wouldn't like it. That was in vain though, because everyone loved it! Once I found my way to the 405th, I was surprised to hear nothing but praise and complements for my first proper project. I was even told it was good enough to be with the helmets on display (shout out to my man wayward flood). I felt imposter syndrome at first, but it quickly waived. I'm so proud of how this helmet came out, but of course I mentioned that I retired it right after it's debut. I want the OG MK-VI(R) to be a commemorative piece of my calling to the 405th. One day I'll make a version two that's even better.

But for now, here's a highlight real of me wearing the MK-VI(R) at KCPCC24


If you read all the way to the end, thank you, because I'm well aware of how much I rambled lol


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Your iteration of the helmet looks like Mozzie from R6, But the LECHUZA helmet is probably THE helmet for light builds like yours in the pictures. Probably my second favorite behind the MCC Reach AKIS. Totally shoulda looked at one of them for my Rak build
I've definitely heard a lot of Mozzie comparison. Fortunately he's one of my favorites lol. But yeah, Lechuza is one of my favorites. Works really as a spartan or trooper helmet like military police and ODST
Your iteration of the helmet looks like Mozzie from R6, But the LECHUZA helmet is probably THE helmet for light builds like yours in the pictures. Probably my second favorite behind the MCC Reach AKIS. Totally shoulda looked at one of them for my Rak build

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