Just an idea.....

Spartan 270

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I was looking at my lamp in my room and a thought came across my mind. Seeing as how an office lamp can move around and stuff blah blah blah, what if there was a GUILTY SPARK or Monitor Lamp. :lol::lol:

just an idea.


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That could be done. If you were to make the pepakura moniter and change the eye to a blue lens then you could fasten it onto a lamp like that. I have one of those swiveling lamps so I may look into this project. The problem though is that those lamps can get very hot if left on for a while, at last mine does. Good idea though. :)


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The monitor is a small enough project. You could probably make it out of sheet metal like most lamps like that already are. Then heat wouldn't really be a problem unless you touched the casing around the light bulb. Ouch!