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Just started printing, starting with the boots. I had a question in regards to the speed and use of software. I'll be printing on a kobra max 2. I've been using cura, and their speeds are typically around 100. I just installed anycubic's software, and their speeds are 230. Regardless of the software, I've been slowing down the first layer which helps a lot with build adhesion to the plate.

Can you print large pieces at that 230 speed, or would the printer just knock itself and the print off? If not, what speeds and other settings do you all recommend? I've seen between 10-20% for infill, gyroid, with 3 walls.

I think your question was answered on the Discord, but so this information may help others;

Really, you can set your printer speed to whatever setting in any slicer (some will probably complain if you set it too high though). What actually determines your print speed is your printer model (and any upgrades) as well as the print quality you receive. You'll want to start with whatever speed the printer manufacturer or the filament manufacturer states should be used, and go from there; if you get really good results you can try making it a bit faster to save time, or if the results are poor (because of high velocity), you will want to slow it down.

Slowing down the first layer is definitely a good idea. Even with Bambu printers' high speeds, I keep my first layer at about ~50mm/s to ensure adhesion.

When it comes to infill and wall thickness, keep in mind that wall thickness does more for strength than infill does. 10-20% infill is what I usually print at, with a standard of 3 walls with a 0.4mm nozzle, however I'd bump wall count to 4 or 5 if I'm quite concerned about the strength of the piece.
Thank you all for the responses. The reason I asked, is because cura seems to have a limit of 150-160. Where as anycubic slicer default is at 230. The printer is rated at 500, but I don't believe you could ever achieve those speeds.

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