Just to introduce myself to the 405th community


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Greetings all,
Been wanting to get into the Cosplay scene for years now, but with a lack of sewing skills my dream Deadpool costume has yet to come to fruition. After watching an interview of celeb cosplayer Vampy Bit Me, I followed some breadcrumbs and eventually found my way here. After viewing many armor projects, I feel that my lack of sewing skills is no longer an obstacle. I can't wait to jump in head first on my own project and hope it is 1/4 of the quality of the projects I have seen here.
I little about myself, I am prior military now going to school full time to be an elementary teacher. I am a gamer, anime enthusiast, comic book reader and a huge Star Wars Geek. I love to draw, write fiction and just about anything else artistic. I would say my one huge downfall is when it comes to my artistic work I am a perfectionist and my own worst critic. I will sit there and pick apart my work with a fine tooth comb, fix what I fill needs corrections, and a few weeks and find more issues with the piece. I will not, however, tear apart someone else's hard work. I may offer some constructive criticism or advise but in no way expect that person to take my words as law. On the flipside, I am always open to constructive criticism from others and enjoy hearing what they have to say regarding my work. Whatever advise offered can only strengthen my work.
As for what projects I plan to pursue in the future...A Halo suit designed around the Halo 4 armor sets, an Mass Effect N7 suit, and possibly an Iron Man suit. I can't wait to start, but I still have a lot of reading and video watching to do first. I look forward to actively participating in these forums and seeing more great projects from the other members. Thanks.


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Great to have you Darthdrow, and I look forward to seeing what you build in the near future! :D


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Thanks for the welcome vshore100. I'm thinking about working on the Halo armor first. I'm thinking of doing a foam build as I will it will be easier as a beginner, cheaper and hopefully not as time consuming, what with college right now. I still got a lot of reading to do first though. But if everything goes well, I might start during Spring Break. Once I start I will be sure to post photos of my progress for some constructive criticism.


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you should do a deadpool theme halo armor. I've seen deviantart posts humoring the idea, but never an actual armor


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That's actually what I plan on doing :) Once built I am going to give it a Deadpool paint job. Right now, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the helmet to have the black ovals over the eye section without reducing my vision through the visor.