Lastspartan's Mk-vi Helmet

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Visor added.


Sorry for the bluriness, I'll take pics with a better camera soon. I'm uploading more shots as we talk.

It is warped, pretty badly in my opinion but I don't care that much. It's my first completed helmet and I'm 16 soo I'll make a new suits later one anyways.



Thanks buddy :)

These are not great shots tho. I'll upload a video later on for that Halo sign thread thingy :lol: (You'll see pretty clearly the warp)
Wow. I love it. Every helmet has it's flaws so don't sweat it. And for 16 well done. Haven't got anything against 16 year olds lol. I look forward to more progress pics of your project(s).
This topic will soon need to be in the molded section :lol:

I started a few days ago a Latex mold.

What is latex?

It's a one-part molding compound which is flexible and cheap. It is not as good as silicon or polyurethane rubber.

-Cheap. One can cost me 28$CAD. (Only 1 can needed to do the whole helmet)
-Easy, no mix to do.
-Non-toxic can be used indoors.
-Acceptable tear strengh and elasticity

-Needs between 15-20 layers.
-Each layers takes 3hrs+ to dry completely.
-Airbubbles get trapped really easily.

So this is a try for me. If it don,t work, well only 28 bucks wasted.

I'm currently at my 6th layer, applying the 7th in 10 minutes. The latex can needs to be opened for 10 minutes prior usage for the amoniac to evaporate. The can consists of about 3/4 of Natural Latex, the last 1/4 being amnoniac.





After this layer, I will apply cloth to the whole helmet to prevent this shrinkage.

Also, I need that some big air bubbles got trapped on the jaw. I don,t care since once I have one cast, the mold won't be used anymore. I'll rework the cast with an heat gun to remove the twist in the top part. Then, silicon time.

On this, gonna apply that 7th coat!

EDIT : The visor was sealed with clay. Like an idiot, I used water-based clay instead of oil, they look the same!
Let me know how that mold is working for yah! ;D I've tryed that same mold builder before, didn't work out too well......But I never thought about using fiberglass cloth on it ! *facepalm* I forgot Fiberglass cloth is what they make cars out of lolz
Moving on to the next step eh? Keep us updated. I think using latex would be an excellent way to practice for silicon molding. It's cheap if you screw up with latex. Good luck with the heat gun. I think that will be the make or break point and I've never heard of cloth to stop shrinkage. Sounds like a sound plan to me though.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not using fiberglass cloth with the latex, I'm using cheese cloth. The fiberglass will be used as the mother mold.

Still have to choose between Fiberglass and Plaster, we got a snowstorm so I can't work outside.

Update :

8th layer is on. I added cloth on it once the 8th layer was applied. The cloth looks, strange since there is no latex on top of it to hold it in place. That's what the next layer will do.

Now, I have to wait another 12 hours...

haha very nice keep up the work. I got the same bloody later and I think it smell like hell.

LastSpartan said:
Actually, it smells like my cat's litter. After 3 weeks.

So it smells ungodly like ammonia and poo? man........thats rotten. and I know the smell.........blaaaahhhhh
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