Leaked Halo 3 vids

Would Bungie fake a Halo 3 info leak?

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Sean Bradley

Sr Member
I wondered what you all thought about the 'leaked' Halo 3 vids from Iraq
that have been showing up all over the net. I'm not going to post the
links, because they're basically everywhere at this point. If you haven't
seen them you haven't been paying attention.

Theres some speculation that they were intentionally leaked by bungie,
being that they're so sparse. Also I guess it might be useful for them to
get credit for doing this for the troops, ect.

I guess they're going to have to address this in the next weekly update so
you'll have to make your guesses quickly.
hmm i c where they could go with that... Making us think it got crappy then supprize us in the last month... hmm i could work for a marketing tool for them
Where can you find these? I searched Google video and you tube but nothing came up? No link needed just a website or search engine. Thanks
That is awesome. Not alot to show though. Still pretty kool.Those were the troops over in Iraq that got to play the beta right?
I just want to know why it's so crappy quality. Its not that hard to point a camera at a screen. yeah, maybe they had to sneak it but still, it makes me wonder...
If you search for the vids at gametrailers.com - u get 4 in game stills. 1 is the new hud
My honest guess, is that he was trying to film as much as he could, without being noticed. When he was noticed, he tried to play it off as like he didn't know. Hummmm....... :Steve:
I think its a mod of halo 2 or somthing and hes being gay and shaking the camera to make it look like hes actually stealing the footage or whatever.
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