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sorry for all the new posts. im trying to get everything together as soon as i can so i can just put it all together at once.

As for LED lights ive been looking at radioshack and i get confused along with all the electronic stuff i need. could some one please help me out.
Wires, x number of LEDS, electrical tape, battery case, 9v or aa batts, switch, souldering iron, soulder, wire strippers, wire cutters, resistors, computer fan(s), duct tape, glue gun, glue sticks...
that link will help you just read.......you'll need Resistors at least 100ohm for every two leds (if your using white) and you can hook up a fan to it
well, i have all of the above listed. bare minimum would be something like 4 leds, a yard of wire, battery case (w switch) for 4 AA batts, electrical tape.

But that would almost be makeshift for one event, then need to be "fixed up" again.
I buy in bulk online though because I have many projects that need wiring and lights. but yes, all can be bought at the r shack if this is a one or two time thing. Most would go with white. however, you can do any color you want bro: red, in honor of me :mrgreen:
No. But its the reverse that you'll probably need to worry about, and that is too much power. Just because the LEDs work right when you turn them on doesn't mean that the power level is fine. Use the link Link gave you to see if you're going to want a resistor or two in your circuit.
No idea, but I have questions, quick though-
I'm installing a permenant flashlight on my H1 helmet, and H2. I ask how this may be done. I plan to purchase the following for all LED and FlashLight installations
-5 Small flashlights
-Hot glue gun/glue sticks
-20 Blue LEDS
How I plan on doing it is find the appropriate location on the helmet, hot glue it on, then cut out pieces of cardstock to hold it in, the hot glue around the lens area to hold it in PERMENATLY.
LEDS will be something I use a lot, and I have my idea-drill a LED-sized hole into where I want it and install it again with hot glue, then move the wire up to an accesible location to turn it off and on.

Okay, what I'd use, actually what I do use, is light mini headlamps. Cut a hole where you want the light then velcro/glue/x it into place. Its bright and already have everything wired and ready for batteries.
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