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I found some really really neat stuff while looking for some Sniper Rifle Refrences for Blink earlyer.

I found this site... Its got a TON of User Created Halo Lego Content.

A really Nice looking Sniper...

An awesome Battle Rifle...

Another Awesome Battle Rifle...

A pretty good Halo 1 Pistol...

Great SMG...

Thats all for now...


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Cooool. I made a lego battle rifle before. But i didnt have enough black pieces so it was like red in some areas green in others grey in some and the rest was black. LOL

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I made a pelican outta legos once...alas didnt have enough of the right parts so it got torn apart in the end, but it wasnt completely bad


made Battle rifle with triger able to be pulled but i didnt have enough pieces to complete so i broke down built the back of assault rifle. later didnt know wat i was doing so i broke it down and built bases for lego people
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