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dose anyone know where to buy a cheap mirrored gold motorcycle face shield or visor or lens or whatever you want to call it, becuase i need one before i can get any further on my helmet, or if u want to send me one for free then that would be nice and you can call me a free loader lol but yeah i couldnt really find one in walmart but ill take another look if anyof you have bought one there. Thanks and i mean a cheap oe not the 40 dollar ones.
I too am interested in this... somewhere I could have sworn that I saw someone's MC Helm have not only the gold lense but had some silver missor trim. Any help with this also would be greatly appreciated!
you mean this?


here the link to site http://www.bluerealmstudios.com/mc/
you get one visor thats gold and have it as the back one, get another visor thats silver make a template and cut out the peices then place ontop of the other one, well i think thats what bluerealm said , idk you ask him hes a member here you know.
is smoked like black becuase thne i just make like a white helmet with a black shield it would look kinda cool.
i met the owner of wal-mart jim walton or whatever, well the first walmart guys son or somthing, my dad was playing some bluegrass music for him lol and i met him. nothing great but i could tell he was planning to take the world over.
link4044 said:
i think he got two golds

Yea, its two gold ones. I did the same thing to my helmet. Searh ebay for "hjc visor". I ended up getting the 2 visors I needed for 12 bucks each shipped.
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i just want you guys to know i have lots of spare visor wich they use on bike helmets it's a tinted sheet, it's gold on the one side and silver on the other
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