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i cant but from the net and the only visors that i can buy in a store are clear and black. should i buy the black one or what?
save yourself the trouble, and get a gold one. Find a motorcycle shop. You should be able to pick on up from those guys for about $40 or less.

You're not going to be able to "tint" the visor so easily, and it'd be wise to get a gold one.
Finding the gold visor is no problem at most motorcycle shops, but Im looking for the two toned version like in the nice helmet on the other post. It looks like he used a yellow gold tinted visor and a lighter gold version and stcked them over each other.

Pehaps he/she could post the links to exactly what they used.
from my understanding. They are both the same color visor, but once put on top of the other one, it appears darker.

Maybe true, maybe not.
Oki guys
You can buy them at motorcycle shops, or you can take a chance and talk to the people at Nucor Yamato Steel, They are a metal making workplace. They use the gold masks for welding. Its the same color orange, onesided view, and extreemly reflective. :) Check it out!
And if you don't want to talk with them check into welding visors, and yes they are curved, and yes they do cover all of your face, like a big arange bubble mask, but you CAN cut it anyway that you'd like! :)
really, does he go to park? i got the black visor and i plan on buying a clear one and spraypainting it silver and use it as the visor design
You could get the clear one and use gold automotive tint, or even take it to a car tinting place and get them to do it.

P.S. my 1st post im new here. yay
i got the black one and i am going to buy the clear and paint it silver. just to be different
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