Life Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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I stopped by at my local office depot and picked up a pack of 10 Hilroy bristle board sheets 28x22 for 7 bucks.I then used Pepakura with the A1 page option so i could join as many of the tabs as possible on that size sheet (joining the pieces together with thr join option) I printed it out at work on our wide format printer .I ended up creating a very sturdy armor with 1/4 of the cutting and glueing,it also folds quite well.Im sure for those of you that dont have access to a large format printer can take the files down to your local Quick print to get them printed.they are only B/w line print so souldnt cost to much.I will be using paperclay Mache to finish it off.
nicely done..

i dont mind the cutting and glueing, granted its a pain in the ass, but when its all done, ill cherish more for the effort i put into it
Well im no stranger to time and effort,im on my 4th chest piece 2nd helm and countless body parts.Im trying to pefect a way to make the armor sturdy and lightwieght besides resin,glass and bondo.when i spend 4-5 hrs printing scoring and cut & assemble just to destroy it by trying a new method it sure makes me happy knowing i can now make another in less than an hr.Plus no more blisters :lol:
Just called Kinkos,
The person who answered suggeted printing onto 20lb paper (standard printer) then having it transfered to 18x24 posterboard and it would cost around $6.00 a sheet (this depends on the capabilities of your local shop)
Well i used 16 sheets for the whole thing at 6 bucks each that would be quite a bill for some but the sturdiness is amazing.I have reinforced with paper mache clay and it is rock solid.
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