M-071 the person behind the build


I started a blog just to put up a little more info about me the human behind the Spartan armor (work in progress) and if you click on M-071 you can know a little more about me. I’m father of two kids Matthew 9 and Hannah 6 and it’s a full time job being super dad. Despite the fact I have played every level of football and yes pro too, most that have talked to me for more than 2 mins would say I’m one of the biggest nerds and the most easy going person you would meet. I have a successful Company and it has to main division’s Heavy machinery, Dump trucks loaders and more Tonka toys like and on that side. I am know as an environmental mercenary… you need 30 acres cleared to bare earth or the state needs me to rebuild a salmon steam and put a fish ladders we work for how ever pays the best . The other part is a metal shop the specializes in non-ferrous metal work, wielding, machining and fabrication and we have built some cool parts for some awesome machines but other than that anything else you want to know just ask
We all have our own live accounts
Matthew/Dad-The One Scar,
Hannah-Pet Teddy Bear
Mine but I hardly use it SuperiorGeneral if we are on , join up just give heads up your from the 405th:)