Props Ma40 Gel Blaster Conversion

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Hey all, gonna start this thread as a wip of my halo prop gun. I was originally planning on foaming a reach dmr but I saw this awesome video of an airsoft aeg conversion of the halo infinite nerf gun and knew I had to do that. So I changed my mind, I know what your all thinking...

But hey, when something this cool comes up, and means you can use it at gel bal battles AND cosplay, you just go for it. I hope you can all forgive me .

We only have gel ball here in QLD, not airsoft. But it's exactly the same process of converting the gun. The video I saw is by Spartan Jess, an airsoft You-tuber from the states I think .

Anyway... I have a tactoys v10 to anyone who's into gel ball. It's all plastic/nylon internals, but I'm gonna buy metal internals and do some heavy mods to it. Here's some pics of the guns.
Had to pay top dollar for that custom electrical taped handle by the way.

Will post up more pics as I go but I'm flat out for any spare time right now so don't really know when that'll be.
Alright, so over the weekend I pulled apart the assault rifle and began cutting apart the gun with a dremel. Had a small anxiety attack before doing it but once I started going there was no stopping. So I pretty much took out all the internals except for the mag release. Then I began cutting out the screw pegs and anything on my old gun that would make it thinner. This is what I ended up with.
Roughly where i thought the gun would sit.
All pulled apart.
Cosplay ready.
Gel ball ready.

Will post up finished result hopefully later this week. The gun is all spray painted now, just needs reconstructing and adding details, then I'll be ready to start shooting down Covie's for real.
So to give you all an update on how things are going, the gun is completely finished externally and is now ready for internal upgrading. I have replaced the previous plastic barrel with a new 7mm internal metal barrel. Gear box and spring should arrive by next week all going well.

My gel ball emblem/patch


Also, key chained it to the gun like what I've seen people do in infinite.
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