Making a Helmet - New Tutorial


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i think im gonna do all of my armor like that. it might take awhile but it will be really accurate. And i think it looks deacently easy.

Sean Bradley

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Fantastic! Nice find Adam!

That guy spared no expense, and his results show it. He'll have a well made beautifully designed and produced helmat, and a great mold that will stand up to multiple castings.

Makes me want to sculpt some armor too. :mrgreen:

falcon NL

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Sweet :eek

Im wondering what kind of clay there just. Can someone explane me what ''Bondo'' is, never heard it before over here in the netherlands.


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grab a 1:1 size manaquin head, grab some clay.

If you use oil based clay, remember to go with a sulpher-free variety, as it can cause cure-inhibiting problems later on if you use anything but plaster for your molds. use Prima Plastilina or Chavant clay


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im going to use a process kind of like how they are doing. im going to by styrofoam and use it to create positives then i will make a mold out of it then i will use fiberglass and maybe something else to reinforce it so i can play airsoft in it.

if you have suggestions then tell me plz im going to get started on this very soon.


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Even though that was revival, I have to agree with him. Please, Oh god, repost the pics and links before you clost this, Adam!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!