Making an MA5D for a buddies birthday


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this is something ive been working on for a buddy of mine. I'm hoping to have it done by his birthday (unlikely at this point) or before Christmas. I plan to send him his own MA5D and his favorite helmet, the gungnir from reach. We played a ton of halo when we were deployed in 2017 and since we got out of military this has been something we still play and bond over, even with being hundreds of miles apart. Plan to keep this thread updated as I go.


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here is a size comparison of the Boom Co. with most of the parts laid out. Still have about a week of printing then its full on into sanding, priming, sandthing then painting. Still dont know if I want to try to rig the counter to actually work, or just put in a screen with an LED.
little closer to the image. When the MA5D is done it will have ejectable magazine, functional trigger, functional charging handle, and be able to be broke down to view internals. All credit of the model goes to the 3D artist who made it.
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