making shure i have all the materials

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i need to know if i have all the mats and if some one can post the prices and were to get at i prefere most of the stuff at walmart cause of my moms 10% discount :) so if im missing anything post it with price and witch store.

1.card stock 110lbs
2.detail sander
3.scotch tape
4.elmers glue
5.Bondo Fiberglass resin with hardener
6.Fiberglass cloth of some kind, witch best recommended??
7.Minimum of 2 Paintbrushes *at least one inch in diameter
8.Something to sand with that has a med-fine grit (power sander preferred, also sanding sponges, and or sandpaper)
9.Disposable container to mix resin in
10.Poster board or something that you can set the piece on while you work on it and not get resin everywhereProper safety equipment (resperator, protective eyewear etc.) this stuff is TOXIC/carcinogenic/etc
11.some bondo body filler can make life easier by reinforcing some pieces

most of thes mats i got from tutorials so if im missing something plz link it and for numbr 6 i need to know witch fiberglass cloth is recomended.
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