Making the hand mold

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While I am not quite done finishing up my clay model of the hand armor, I thought I would ask this question now.

When I make the mold of the hand, should I make it as an open-faced mold or make it a two part mold with a top and bottom? I am very confused as to how I should make the hand armor mold. Also, If I do an open faced mold, would the support shell be one piece? I'm very confused. If someone could help me out with a bit of advice or any kind of recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated.
Watch the video Adam put up on making a one-sided mold in armor videos. That is the easiest way you can make them.
I think adding the bottom would get into your way and just sit on your hand, better to make it one sided so the top of your hand will slightly go inside the mold, better also so you can hide the velcro when velcroing it to your gloves.
i had a thought... you don't really need to use Velcro to attach that piece. you could jsut find a way to permanently attach it to the glove, and not have to worry about it. unless you cant fit your hand into the glove with it on, which i doubt would be the case
I bought some 5 minute epoxy and a pair of mechanix gloves. Peel the logos/lettering off and plant that sucker on there for good.
Thanks for the input everyone. I guess I will make a one-sided mold and a support shell, and I appreciate the input on attaching it to the gloves, I was trying to figure out how to do that. By the way, drgon47, where exactly on the hand armour did you apply the resin? (Did you apply it around the edge? On the bottom? etc.)
I mentioned velcro because some people use winter gloves and dont wanna ruin their gloves, so they use ccan cement it with epoxy or hotglue it, both will work.
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