Making the Helmet - Bungie Style

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Is there anything else you’d like to share regarding the project?

CC : We are preparing for a huge launch to be followed by very large replenishment orders in the first few days following the Street Date in the standard Core SKU. This Halo 3 Program will require my full time and attention until after Holiday. Risk and Mitigation Planning has been huge thus far and will only intensify once we approach the launch itself. So, even once this product ships, my work is far from over!

What kind of backgrounds do you have? What advice would you give to anyone out there who wants to get into this line of work some day?

JS : As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been at Microsoft for over 21 years now. I came to Microsoft with a background in print and graphics. Over the years I’ve done work in print production which led to working in print purchasing. From there I moved into managing print and paper as a commodity back in the day when software manuals were really big. My experience and background in managing vendors, and metrics lead me to the Packaging Engineering area, where I was initially focused on the business management aspects of our vendor base. I guess the learning here is that Microsoft is an environment where you have the ability to plug and play core sets of skills. While tactical knowledge or content expertise is always important, the ability to manage complex projects and bring folks together while having fun is a good thing.

CC : I have a BS in Financial Economics and am an APICS certified CPIM, but neither of these is a prerequisite for anything. Not being an engineer is not a draw back at all. Most of us can learn most things through assimilation. What is required is a burning desire for creating new products, then producing them. In the final analysis, this still requires that someone manufactures them. If it is not produced, there is nothing to sell.







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Follow the link. The captions there say that the gold parts you are asking about are just the metalized visors. The helmet is made in many pieces.

Nice find Adam, this is so cool to see in progress.
LOL the box design caught me eye more than the helmet, yes they are both awesome but that box is beautiful, i have seen youguys make helmets that easily rival that one.
They're defined as "almost lifesize," about big enough for a cat to wear... But you probably shouldn't make your cat wear one because there's no ventilation and the visor isn't see-through.
... and because there absolutely nothing funny about watching your cat run into walls while wearing a ultrarealistic minature helmet....

Yeah...just like when my kittehs mock-fight...its not "funny" at all...I don't "laugh". ;-) ;-)
well they ought to be fairly large its big enough to fit around 3 360 game cases and it would be good for beginers to get a idea how to make it. i know im buying it cause im huge halo fan cant wait till next mouth for teh beta :hyper:
Looks like i'll need to book time on the 3d scanner here at work when it comes out..:)
Even though it ain't lifesize I'll till be getting the legendary edition, purely for the bunch of extras, and of course possessing the most limited edition copy of the game. ;-)
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