MC Armor pdo's

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I am looking for the pdos for the complete set of armor for the Master Chief HALO 2. I have the pep files for the helmet and the cardstock helmet is done and ready to be glassed. I'd like to have the other files to work on while the glass is curing.

I looked at the files that Sigma posted but they are mqo and I can't get them to work correctly. I know it's me and not the files, but new to pepakura. Once I'm done, I'd like to post all the files myself as a PDF package or jpgs so that everyone will have access.

I greatly appreciate any assistance!

Thing about PDF is it will be to your scale, and when I convert to PDF, I have the ADOBE version, the image tends to be slightly distorted.

This was verified by printing directly from PEP to paper, and then printing from PEP to a PDF, and then printing the PDF onto paper. The PDF was slightly distorted when the two were compared. Not sure how "off" the finally product would be, but I am not willing to find out.
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