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I first of all want to say thank you to the admins/ mod / contributors of this site! Hat's off to you guys/ gals for a lot of hard work. Your projects look great!

I'm a noob here. I just found this site on Tuesday and just finished my first MC pep helmet - thanks to Sigma's post of all the pep jpgs. I plan to post some pictures soon. If you haven't guessed, I'm using a mac. I know, I know, macs suck - PCs rule - blah, blah, blah. I simply use what I have available and my work requires a mac so that's where I'm at. I don't have access to a PC and really hate the thought of buying parallels and windows to continue on with my pep endeavors.

What I want to know is does anyone have the jpgs for the rest of the armor? I understand that it's a lot of work but if it's done one time it opens the doors for a lot more people to give input to the site and these projects. I would be more than happy to host all the images and give credit where credit is due for the assistance. I just know that I've shown this site and my first work to like 50 ppl that are mac users and they can't wait to do one themselves. I understand that there would be some scale issues since you can't edit the jpgs, but I'm hoping that's where the magic of Photoshop and a proportion wheel will come in handy through some trial and error.

I greatly appreciate all input and submissions.
I've thought about it and had more than a few requests but I think I'll wait until all of the H3 armor is .pdo and then get started on it. I've got a lot of other stuff going on right now too.

What kind of killed me on the H2 stuff is I couldn't get anyone else to help out on any parts. (Ex. I do the top half, they do the legs)
Well if there was anything I could do to help I would be more than happy to assist. But with the Mac I guess my hands are tied. I guess I'll just finish this helmet and wait till the H3 stuff is ready. At least this will give me some practice.

Almost forgot, do you remember the scale of those original jpgs on that helmet?
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