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Finally managed to get the lighting and render right for a post I'm actually proud of, gonna keep working on my Blender skills of course but this is a good step towards what I want in modeling.



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Forgot to do that but if I make them light up I feel like it'd have to be out of the slot and cracked or somethin'
I thought it would be cool to have a bit of a blue or yellow glow on that side of the helmet coming from the glow sticks where they are. Or you can have him be vigorously shaking like one does with glow sticks as a bit of a humorous shot. Also, if you're going for a more relaxed pose, shift him over and place one of his legs on the side of the crate cause I feel like that would be a more natural way for him to balance with how high the crate is. At least that's how I've seen PapaBear sit on his crate, like on the corner with the side tucked under his knee.
I don't want to sound like a complete noob, but how does blender work once you have the models in? are they easy to customize? can you do cross core like in game?
You're all good! It's basically pulling models from a downloaded pack of them and being able to customize those models based on their core, anywhere from colors to the pieces of armor to the poses since they're all rigged with virtual skeletons.
sounds cool ill have to check it out, thanks for giving me the info, i want to try some poses.....
Check this out:

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