Meeting of the minds: Link and Sean

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Nomadic Spoon

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Spase said:
Yea we all ate lunch.... it was good.. except for the waiter who couldn't remember what anybody had... "got hit by a semi yesterday but i am at work today, not on any drugs...." right...

I get double cool points for meeting up with two members...

I get zero Cool points. Canadian Spartans are spread too thin.

We should remedy that, people. :lol:
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Sean Bradley

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I called him Link... it's too hard to break the habit. Sorry Link! ;)

We met at Universal Citywalk, which is a collection of Bars, Resturants and stores at Universal being that the owner of Laserdome and I didn't get out of the IAAPA convention until 5:30 or so... and we weren't able to co-ordinate the evening until I got back to the hotel... at that point it was too late to check out Universal.

We went to dinner at the Hard Rock, so that my boss had something to do while Link and I talked shop (he's a big music memoriabilia nut). Link and I talked for about 2 hours or so about site politics, the 405th, and upcoming projects for the both of us.. Admittedly it was wierd to be able to ask questions and get immediate answers, rather than having to wait for a posted response. :lol: But anyway it was a good time... and very cool to finally meet a long-time aquaintence in person..

It's be great if we could do this sort of thing from time to time, so the the serious members here can get to know each other personally... unfortunately the geography of our members are a bit difficult... we're scattered across the world.. maybe regional events would be best to try this out and eventually we could try to have one big Armor Meet at a centralized location. Gonna have to start saving money for airfare for that one...

I got a pic of Link and I in front of the big Universal globe at CityWalk, but I won't post it here... thats one for our scrapbooks only.

BTW I have TONS of cool stuff to show from the convention... I played some new, unreleased arcades... and met with suppliers, artists and design professionals in related fields to what we do here... until I get all my pics uploaded and synch them up[ with the business contact info... it might be a while, but I'll start a new thread for that.

Lets just say that ALOT of professional costume manufacturers and the companies that supply our materials show up at those events... Theres plenty of new contacts to be made..

I'll try to get my information organized and posted as soon as I can.



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Awesome, Sounds like you guys had an excellent time :D .

Intrested in that Universal picture though :p. To bad we will never see the light of it.


Sigma LS

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Sounds like a great time.

I get the feeling that secret Halo 3 weapon prop plans were discussed. ;)

Looking forward to seeing some of that cool stuff you got to check out at the convention.
Nomadic Spoon said:
I think when we become official, and more people have vacuumed armor that can withstand paintballing, we should go play a game with a bunch of 501st. Because that would be fun. Radios in the helmets and all that jazz.

5 dollar pot entry on our side, first one to bucketshot a stormtrooper gets the money.

I am in on the paintball game!!! I have been playing scenario for the past four years along with airsoft and think that would be way cool to play the 501st. I played in my helmet a few month ago and it stops paintballs safely. The radio head sets and voice amplifiers are key when wearing the MC helmet while playing paintball. The lid is not very conducive to vocal communications. Just give me a date with a location and I am there!!!!

Sean - Sounds like a good time.

Since I am still new to the 405th, what is up with Bungie and the 405th being "Official?"
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Sean Bradley

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As far as I'm concerned we aren't even in the ballpark yet... this group is still in it's infancy.. we need to make some accomplishments, and to raise our numbers... that all takes time..

Contacting Bungie too early might seal our fate before we even get started. If we show them what we're capable of and that we're a positive force and are capable of conducting ourselves professionally in a way that benefits peoples impressions of Halo.... then we might be due to contact them...

As stated before, What are you willing to do for your 405th? Charities and public relations would be a good place to start if we want to realize this dream.
Let me know how I can help with this Heck, I am a volunteer firefighter. If I will run into a burning build for free, I am ready to do whatever is needed to get this done.

I was thinking about doing an appearance at my son's school to talk to the students about fitness, education, and doing unto others.
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