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    sup my is camden so the question i,ve been asking,how do you get blue prints off of here?because i want to make somthing.
    I'm a day late but Happy Birthday dude! Hope it was a good one!

    Edit: Also, do you still go to NY Comic-Con? I just bought my tickets.
    Thanks for taking initiative and deleting/locking the spam WIP threads. I appreciate it very much and I'm sure the other members do to. You are doing a great job!
    Hey I just wanted to say thanks again for your fantastic work on the Commando helmet, along with the UA attachment! If I were in a position to hand out medals, you'd get one for sure! I'm sure I speak for a lot of members, if not all of them, in thanking you for your valuable contributions to this community. Keep up your superb work!

    P.S.: Did you still have plans to attach the UA onto the Commando as one file? No problem if you don't, just a little more experience for me to gain!
    I've been told you have a database where I can find the beloved recon file I've torn this forum apart looking for...can you please direct me to it? :) I'd greatly appreciate it :)
    what ever happened to releasing the halo reach tux shirts? i posted my email on the official reach pep thread and nothing happened.
    Thanks for your post on my thread. :)

    You always do such a good job of monitoring the 405th
    for any unwanted behavior. ;)

    I also appreciate your suggestion to go look for a academic copy of "3ds max" I am a student and now I am able to get 3ds max from autodesk for free with a 3 year licence :D

    I really appreciate it. :eek:
    in my opinion, the only real lack of moderation was in the noob forum.

    i only was able to catch a glimpse of what was in the original thread, if it was insultive and unpleasant, then i have no problem with it, but if it was your every day un-educated member then i would have a concern.

    thanks for understanding, rvb18 out

    PS. is dave back, or is he posting from the other side of the world?
    i know it's a mod's job to enforce rules, but i must say that many mods including yourself have been a little mad with power recently. take toacrabman for example, you have successfully removed him from the 405th in less than 3 days of him posting a WIP thread. like other members he posted many back to back replies, but he may not have known how to edit.

    I'm not trying to start anything. i just wanted you to know that it may be better to be flexible in some cases instead of being a stone cold judge in the court of 405th.

    jury member, rvb18
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