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    NAME: Demicon 28
    DATE: May 5-7
    Location: Des Moines, IA
    Events: Art and Artists, Promo Art Contest, Meet and Greet, Guests, Cosplay, Masquerade, Dealers/Vendors, Anime Room, Children's Activities, Table top and RPG Games, Teen Lounge, Parties (Hosted by attendiees), Musical Performers.

    NAME: Marcon 51
    DATE: May 12-14
    LOCATION: Columbus, OH
    Events: What is Marcon?The simplest answer is a weekend of fun. It is where everyone that enjoys movies, books, music, art, science, and everything in between comes together in one place to watch, talk about, dress like, sing, and/or learn from like minded people, be they writers, actors, scientists, artists, professionals of all kinds, or simply fans. Guests and Guest Artists, Dealers/Vendors, TT gaming tournament, Art show, Panels, Presenters, Shadow Cast Performers, Cosplay and Cosplay Guest Artists.

    NAME: Anime St. Louis
    Date: May 12-14
    Location: St. Charles, MO
    Events: Charity Events, Photo Shoots and Photography, Vendors and dealers, Maid Cafe, Costume Contest/Masquerade, Social Events, Special Events, Gaming, Guests (Voice Overs, Artist and writers, Cosplay and costuming, Entertainers, Dancakes ? ( You have to read about this one)), and meet the 501st Legion .

    Name: Motor City Comic Con
    Date: May 19-21
    Location: Novi, MI
    Events: Guests (Comic, Crafters and Costumers, Media), Exhibitors, Blood Drive, Cosplay Contest Kids and Adult, Panels, Photo OPs.

    Name: Anime Central
    Date: May 19-21
    Location: Rosemont, IL
    Events: Industry, Exhibitors, Artists Alley, Convention Traders/Dealers, Costume Contests, Dances, Gaming, Manga Library, Panels, Video Programing

    Name: Con Ques T 48
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Events: Kansas City’s Longest-Running Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention!
    Panels, Gaming, Cosplay, Author Events, Dealer’s Room, and more!

    Name: AniMinneapolis
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Events: concerts/dances/contests, play video games, and buy anime stuff.

    Name: Media West Con 37
    Date: May 26-29
    Location: Lansing, MI

    Name: Anime Oasis
    Date: May 26-29
    Location: Boise, ID
    Events: Cosplay, Cosplay Challanges and Battle, High Society Formal, Roller Disco, Panels, Swimsuit Contest, J-Fashion Show, AMV Contest, Dealers/Vendors, Artists Alley, Karaoke, TT Gaming, Autographs, Cosplay Repair/Changing Rooms.


    Name: Colossalcon 16
    Date: June 1-4
    Location: Sandusky, OH
    Events: Otaku Arts and Crafts Fair, Flea Market, Lolita Tea Party and Fashion Show, Platinum League Pokemon, Dances and Dance Line up, Formal Ball, Panels, Photo Shoots, Table Top/CCG and Video Games, Wig Styling Competition, Tag on Titan, Dodgeball, Water Park After Hours Event, Ohio Robotics Club, Toothless Dragon Props, Guest and Guest Panelist, Cosplay, Masquerade.

    Name: CoreCon
    Date: June 8-11
    Location: Fargo, ND
    Events: Anime, Artists Alley, Art Show, Corecon Kids, Egames, Guests, Vendors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

    Name: Sausomecon
    Date: June 9-11
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Events: Cosplay Contest, Chii Sakurabi Performance (Japanese Pop Singer), Kazha Performance (Japanese Rock Band), Maid Cafe, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Pokemon Tournament, Heroic Interactive Theater, Video Game Tournament

    Name: Cosplacon
    Date: June 15-18
    Location: Jefferson City, MO
    Events: Pokemon League, Iron Cosplay Competition (15 Minute onstage Cosplay Melee), Cosplay Royal/Runway and Skits, Cosplay and Cosplay Guests

    Name: Steam Dream Expo
    Date: June 16-18
    Location: Augusta, MI
    Events: Live Entertainment, Shopping/Flea Market, Panels and Workshops, Cosplay and Cosplay Competition.

    Name: Jafax
    Date: June 16-18
    Location: Grand Rapids, MI
    Events: Anime, Manga, Gaming, Japanese, Culture, Vendors, Guests, Cosplay, AMVs, Artists Alley, Panels, Maid Cafe

    Name: Sodak Con
    Date: June 23-25
    Location: Rapid City, SD
    Events: Artists Alley, Art Show, Cosplay, Masquerade, Dealer Room, Fan Music Videos, Fashion Show Competition, Lady Chris Memorial Blood Drive, Panels, Special Guests.

    Name: Anime Festival of Wichata
    Date: June 23-25
    Location: Wichata, KS
    Events: Cosplay, Fashion Show and Skit, Anime Music Video Contest, EGC Tea Party, Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament, TT Gaming, Artists, Dealers, Panels.

    Name: InConJunction
    Date: June 30- July 2
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Events: Guests (Authors, Artists, Media, Cosplay, Science, Music), Special Events, Cosplay, Masquerade Contest, Dr. Who Room, Anime Room, Viseo Room, Gaming, Art Show, Charity Event


    Name: Convergence
    Date: July 6-9
    Location: Bloomington, MN

    Name: Anime Midwest (anime)
    Date: July 7-9
    Location: Rosemont, IL
    Events: Cosplay, Exhibitors/Exhibitor Hall, Anime, Music Festival, Guests, Robot Uprising, Fan Run Con, Swordsmanship Demo, Free Autographs, Gaming Events

    Name: Indy Pop Con
    Date: July 7-9
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Events: Interactive Exhibits, Workshops, Panels, Droid Hunt, Cosplay and Cosplay Workshops, Cosplay Championship, PopCon Masquerade, Podcast awards, eSports Tournaments

    Name: Kitsunekon
    Date: July 14
    Location: Green Bay, WI
    Events: Guests, Cosplay Contest, Panels, Dance(s), Video Game Room, Boffer Room, Tabletop, Room, Vendor Room

    Name: Anime-Zing

    Date: July 14-16
    Location: Davenport, IA
    Events: Cosplay, Anime Screening, Gaming, ConSweet, Fan-lead Panels, Autographs, Dealers Room, Date Auction, Formal Ball, Rave Dance, Artists Alley, Meet-ups, Concerts

    Name: Motor City Steam Con
    Date: July 14-16
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Events: Vendors, Musical Entertainers, Authors, Guests, Steam Punk Cosplay, Panels, Performers

    Name: Glass City Con

    Date: July 15-16
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Events: Guests, Anime Screening, Gaming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Special Events, Panels, Dealers, Artists Alley

    Name: AnimeIowa

    Date: July 28-30
    Location: Coralville, IA
    Events: Panels, Anime Market, Cosplay Chess, Charity Events, Table Top Gaming, Art Exhibits, Cosplay and Cosplay Photo Contests, Family Programming, Photo Shoots, Cafe AI, Room Party, AMV Contests, Video Room, Anime Mini Festival and Contest, Karaoke Contest.

    Name: IkasuCon

    Date: July 28-30
    Location: Fort Wayne, IN
    Events: Dungeon Crawl, Guests, Signature Events, Cosplay, Game Room, Table Top Gaming, Exhibition Hall, Panels.


    Name: Con+Alt+Delete
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Date: Dec 15-17
    Events: C+A+D gives you the chance to meet a thousand of your fellow friends and anime fans in celebrating Japanese animation and nerd culture. Join us if you love Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Lolita Fashion, Homestuck, My Little Pony, Sci-Fi, or Video Games. We encourage you to attend in your favorite cosplay costume and join us in celebrating everything that nerds and geeks enjoy. Come to our Comic Con in Chicago and have fun.

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