Midwest Regiment vs Colonial Regiment (January 17th, 6:30PM CST)


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That sounds great! Everyone is welcome, and I know you two have always come together when plans have arisen! Thanks for the update.


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Thanks again everyone for all the games and offering your time to make some entertaining content for everyone out there in internet land. Chat was having a great time and we got to see a lot of different people show up and watch!


405th Regiment Officer
Thanks to everyone that participated in the stream last night! I had a ton of fun (even if I joined late).

Big thanks to NobleofDeath16 and Spidermonkey60 for helping get everyone's streams setup so we had a consistent look! I know we had a few snags, but we can take these ideas forward to help make the next streams even better.

Also - big thanks to TurboCharizard for helping with the promotional stuff and preparing the stream view