Mk II Supra Build

Lieutenant Jaku

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Oh god brake calipers... don't let 'em dangle or you'll have to get a new hose!
dont worry they arent dangling, they're just open.
Wow that’s quite the project. You seem to be making great progress though. Good luck with the rest of it can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.
thanks dude, its an adventure but its really fun

in other news my new brake caliper for the passenger side should be delivered when i get home so maybe i'll make more progress today.
also schools have been closed following today due to corona for two weeks so
lots more time for projects

Lieutenant Jaku

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Yesterday we put the old calipers back on for time being and started up the car to get the brakes unfrozen and put it into the garage.
IMG_20200315_181048267.jpg IMG_20200315_181059808.jpg IMG_5059.jpg IMG_20200315_183019525.jpg
Also the caliper was a day late but I now have both replacement calipers
And just because of how much I love the sound here's a video of it's Cold start

Lieutenant Jaku

Well-Known Member
today's update:
I got a new key for the car, also figured out the lights having trouble going up because they were hitting the hood
did some realignment but have yet to test it out
i need to get an SAE wrench set tomorrow to take the calipers off
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